True Blood Review: Sex, sex and other sexISH stuff

Don’t get me wrong a bit of sex on television is a good deed for all of us, especially with those bodies featured on True Blood,  but this sexy time between Jason and Eric was quite intensive, at least! “I found You” was the title of last nights True Blood and Eric finally let not only Jason find him.

With the very first scene of the episodes the 2 unlikeliest male characters of the show shared a sex scene! I heard the rumor of this scene happening for quite some time but I would’ve never guessed it would be between Jason and Eric. So we find Eric, who was MIA in last weeks premiere, in some mansion while the rain was falling like out of buckets. Than suddenly we see Jason joining him and an odd conversation starts between these 2 Hotties and after some initial resistance they engage in a blow job with the happy ending waking Jason up from his nap in the church. Jason shakes the feelings off. In the closing minutes of the episode Pam finally finds Eric in France just to realize he is infected with the killer Virus.

Afterwards the search for Nicole, Arlene and Holly is resumed and Sookie gives the leading idea. The girl she found last week could come from the hide out of the Vampires that attacked in the season premiere. The identify the girl with her wallet and head to her home town. There they see that the whole town slaughtered but didn’t back off from their search.

At the girls home Sookie finds her diary and reads out of it a beautiful love story between the girl and a Vamp, which so much resembles Sookie and Bill’s story that it makes Sookie and Alcide get a bad feeling, AWKWARD!!!  Eventually Sookie seaked out Bill to ask him if he can sense her fear if she would put herself in great danger. Got a feeling she overheard some minds with her powers.

I enjoy Arlene so much this season! I appreciate Carrie Preston so much more since her appearing in The Following! The way she talked to the Vamp teacher was just brilliant. I routed so much for her  and was quite pleased when the teacher gave in to her pleas. But that was the end of the hero story as the Teacher dissolved after feeding from Arlene! What the heck was that about? Is Arlene the cure to safe them all?

Meanwhile back in crazy family-ville, Tara’s mother Lettie Mae visited Lafayette in her crazy ways to bring up some magical mojo so she can meet with her daughter again. Lafayette is first of making fun of her, especially that after she tells him that her visions come from the vampire blood Willa gave her. Later in an act of desperation Lettie Mae burns her hand and forces Willa to feed her with vampire blood. Right away this pushes Lettie Mae into a different plane where she sees Tara stretched on a white cross in a white dress with a snake walking all over her buddy. After my excitment of seeing Tara again, I was wondering about the meaning of her portrayal. Especially with her speaking in and unknown language.

The people of Bon Temps where planing a Revolution and things got quite messy along the way. As Adylin and tried to stop the mob from getting the guns at the police station. After some initial resistance from Karen she joined the mob and put Adylin behind the bars along Holly’s younger son. Jessica felt Adylin’s pain but couldn’t help her cause of still being day.  After Andy came back Jessica teamed up with him and they went to search for Adylin.

Overall a pretty pretty solid episode! I’m happy where the show is heading and the couple of final episodes should be quite excellent and crashing!


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