The Last Ship: We follow Orders every day!


“Welcome to Gitmo” continued the whole let’s make a cure storyline and some quite intense scenes featured the 2nd episode of the new show.

The episode continued the aftermath of the premiere’s events. With the crew in desperate need for supplies they headed to the Guantanamo bay trying to get what they need. Prior to that we witnessed some heartbreaking grieving scenes, with some of the crew members trying to say prayers to the people they miss. It was really emotional. Between those crew members was Paul James, the Greek alumni hopefully he’ll be a meaningful role along the way.

The next day the crew reaches Gitmo and we have 3 story lines going on. 1 part of the crew was at the local hospital searching for medical supplies, the other one recruiting fuel for the ship and  the last group around Commander Tom Chandler.

The Hospital group seemed to have the easiest job till they tried to exit, when some Al Qaeda people chained their exit and forced the to find an other exit strategy. The leader of this group was Lieutanant Danny Green, played by Travis Van Winkle. I love the actor he always plays some interesting roles. Eventually everything went along fine, just 1 casulty. That forced the lovely Rachel Scott to the surface. She clashed with Danny quite a bit but succeeded in stabilazing Cruz.

The group that was securing the fuel was under attack as well but with the help of the mother ship they suffered one casulty  as well.

Meanwhile Tom got to knew Tex, a really interesting guy who told them about a food storage. And of course that is what the crew needs. They went for the food just to get cornered by some other Al Qaeda guys who took Tex hostage. Eventually the rescue mission resolved and everyone was happy.

Back on the ship we enjoyed a soulful scene between Tom and Rachel! They really got great on screen chemistry. Scenes featuring Danny and his on screen girlfriend Kara were quite emotional as well.

And with the episode not being action filled enough, Rachel’s assistent Quincy, the Russian spy was trying all day to break something on the ship so his guys can follow up. And eventually succeeded after dropping a machine and needing the ship to stand still so he could recalibrate it. After this a supposed British ship was approaching to our crew, after they were manipulated it was revealed that they are the Russians! Closing this pretty good episode quiet dramatic.

Overall I’m not a fan of this type of shows and only checked in cause of the crew and a slow summer, but “The Last Ship” really combines things well. The action, the emotion, the development! Next week is to far away!


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