What went wrong: The Secret Circle

Two whole years have passed since The Secret Circle got cancelled, after let’s say an interesting season. I must say I’m still not over the cancellation, I’m so not over it that I even wrote a 3rd Circle Fan fiction based on The Secret Circle mythology. One of the reasons I can let this show go is most likely the cast! I must say I really like all of them and their dynamic was working quite well, yes some of the aren’t the choices I would’ve made for the roles but they were all really good actors.

I love shows about witches, I’m a Charmed fanatic, and those stories about powerful beings and their struggle between good and evil are always so tempting to me. The 3rd point that kept me by this show is Joe Lando! Joe’s portrayal of John Blackwell was exceptional! The way he schemed, played with all the main characters and his eyes, just captivating!

Now let’s break down the issues I think the show had and see What went wrong:

1. Wrong Male lead

– Don’t get me wrong! I grew to like Thomas Dekker and his really hard attempt to pull of the role of Adam Conant but it just wasn’t fitting. If you are casting this type of character who should be strong, a leader, a wise guy and a heart breaker sorry but you don’t cast a guy who is barely taller than your main girls and looking much slimmer than them.This is nothing against his acting skills but I just didn’t buy a single line he said. Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder for example aren’t much higher but are much more masculine and bad ass and that is what the Adam character needed. Why didn’t they choose Grey Damon for the lead? He would be a perfect fitting.

2. Cassie Overpowered

–  After the introduction of their co-dependant powers, what I loved, Cassie got her family crystal in episode 5 and by episode 7 she already used her solo dark powers. Why writers why? Why did you have to overplay these story lines. Giving Cassie her family crystal was a smart move, but trumping that with her dark magic in episode 7 was just to early. After that the story fall behind, for her fight with dark magic and the character development was put aside.

3. Moving away from the Love triangle

-Yes. It was a mistake! They let it go to soon. I’m not a supporter of dragging love triangles all over the place, most of the love triangles just mess up the story. But the love triangle is essential to the book story the show followed. It was just to soon, they killed off Nick and soon after that Adam and Dianna broke up the love triangle. Not to mention Diana let Adam go way to easily and it felt rushed and unresolved.

4.Nick’s Death

-Nick dying so soon was a wake up call indeed but losing such an important part of the book series was a pretty bold move, it didn’t backfired per say cause, Jake Armstrong was a nice addition but he was not even close to Nick’s dark side and his good/evil struggle. 

5. Parent story

– Dawn Chemberlain and Charles Meade were so mysterious characters in the pilot! I really enjoyed them being mean, bickering and even them going against each other was quite delightful. But there are some great loop wholes! How was Dawn part of the Circle? Where did her powers come from and why would they want their powers so much back that they had to kill Amelia? Maybe that are questions that season 2 stories would reveal but so it is just an unresolved issue. And wasn’t silly to make us all believe that all 6 girls were pregnant in high school! I mean come on it´s a bit to silly. There were many other and greater ways to tell that story.


Overall that were my 5 big issues with the show overall. I mean with only 1 season it’s hard to develop a good story and mythology. I wish the whole cast and team of The Secret Circle a bright future ( even though most of them are already doing pretty well) and maybe one of the next seasons a remake will do justice to the books and the show we watched!


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