True Blood Review: Ain’t no Jesus here

I know I’m a bit late but after watching the premiere of True Blood’s final season I know the show will bang our brains out before it leaves our small screens.  Story wise there will probably be a lot of loop wholes but they will go all out that is happening for sure. “Jesus gone be here” was such intense  episode that I really don’t know where this will end.

Things started right where season 6 left of with some Hep infected Vamps starting a brawl in Bon Ton, killing and abducting a lot of people. Between those victims Tara, yes we weren’t even 5 minutes into the  premiere and Tara was already gone. Okay I must say this is stinking a lot, the only one seeing Tara die, was her corrupt mother. Tara’s mother appearing at the end of last season was smelling bad already but this awful set up is a proof that there is more behind Tara’s death than just this attack.  Even though Tara’s mother had a nervous break down later in the episode I still can not absolute her from hiding something.

Eventually the attack calmed down, but Arlene and Nicole were mission and everyone was blaming Sookie for the crappy situation again. Why not a clue? Even Alcide attacked her for not wanting to leave Bon Ton and loving dead guys. Excuse me Mr Alcide, you’re great for keeping U shalong in alive crazy psycho wolf bitches. This was just a lead to a fight between the newly weds and that lead to a much bigger  blow out. Later on they said sorry to each other and made love. A beautiful scene between those two, they really have some nice chemistry going there.

Jessica meanwhile was continuing her mission to protect Adilyn, Andy’s daughter she didn’t kill. Clearly affected by the news of Tara’s death she was hardly restraining herself but started to bond with Adilyn. She faced of a Hep infected Vamp but was rescued by Adilyn after getting invited in.

While speaking about Jessica, she is still in a vamplationship with James! Yes the guy she had to force F in the crazy vamp lab from last season. But this season he is played by Nathan Parson and he is smoaking up my screen. Not only Nathan looks good he also has a emotional deapth the previous actor couldn’t portray. So after the brawl every Human got a Vamp to protect him, so James went to protect a drunken Lafayette. They bounded over Lafayette’s empty feeling that Tara’s death left behind so we found out how James become a Vamp and it was moving. This James is completely other person than the one we met last season and I really like him.

Ryan Kwanten had some nice scenes tonight as well, Jason suffered under Tara’s death as well but couldn’t process it as his ball busting girlfriend was ball busting him throughout the episode. But after she humiliated him in front of some town people, he decided it’s to much. She won’t walk all over him anymore, so he F-ed her in the middle of the road. And honestly I’m jealous of Ryan’s body! PURE PERFECTION.

On the other side of the Globe Pam was on a mission of her own. She was searching for her maker Eric! First she played Russian roulette with a Vamp, than she followed an different lead and ended up with a kid to be fed with.

The 2nd casualty of the night was one of Andy’s officers who was kidnapped along Arlene, Nicole and Holly. At end Sookie got a really strong scene in the church, after getting shamed by Tara’s mother she hears all the thoughts no one dares to tell her into her face. She shames them in counter and tells them if they hate her for F-ing Vamps, they should cherish her cause she knows Vamps the best.

So it was a really good episode and it set up some nice story lines for the final season. Prepare for 9 more brain blowing episodes with so many lives hanging in the air.


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