Pretty Little Liars Review: Ohh Mother Dearest

“Surfing the Aftershocks” was one of the strangest PLL episodes ever. The dynamic and pace were just awkward and the momentum was quite of.  All the girls had issues on their own and the central story was bouncing from one girl to the other. So let’s see what is new in the lives of our favorite Liars.

Alison: I’m really glad for she finally reemerged but her state of mind is quite worrying. With her whole back story known I’m never certain what she is really thinking. The fact that her mother is dead really hit her hard and she struggled hard. But Ally will be Ally and here and there her snarky addittude  came back to the surface, so she asked Aria for Ezra’s manuscript and after reading it she faced Ezra right away. And once more it was an odd interaction, something was clearly off and I look forward to dig deeper.

Aria: Our girl Aria besides struggling with the fact that she is a murderer was hit hard by the fact Ezra came back to town. She went to visit him and it was a lovely moment between those 2 even though a lot of secrets and tension was in the air. Aria told Ezra they all decided to support Ally’s story and that it would be nice if he agreed. After Ally’s visit she met up with Ezra again and confessed Ezra the truth about what she did to Shana. And he was her prince on A white horse, trustworthy and ready to help!

Emily: Meanwhile was on a hunt! She and Hanna wanted to proof Jason had no alibi and that he killed Mrs Di Laurentis. But soon both realized it was just a bad guess as Jason had an alibi for both the NY attack and the time of murdering Mrs Di Laurentis. Other wise things with Paige seem to be over for good.  Paige was acting a  bit stalkery tonight as Emily was avoiding her most of the time. This leads us to the appearance of Chloe Bridges character, Stacey. I was quite surprised that how she pulled this character of. I mean comparing Stacey with Donna from The Carrie Diaries and I loved that shy girl fangirling all over Emily. Hopefully she will have a more meaningful influence on the show, cause isn’t it weird that just now she was transferred to Rosewood.  Paige on the other side seems to switching to team Mona cause she is quite hurt by Emily’s rejection.

Spencer: Spencer was trying to proof her brother’s innocence  but it was hard as all the girls were pushing towards the idea of Jason killing his own mother. Eventually she had a meaningful talk with Jason and he throw a bate toward Spence that her father could be the one behind the most recent Rosewood murder. This lead to an interesting fight between Spencer, Melissa and their dad. Melissa was just about to confess her secret but Peter stopped her. I really hope this secret is huge and not just a major tease.

Hanna: Hanna’s story was the most awkward one last night. She had a bunch of flashbacks about her “glam” camp with Mona and how Mona turned  her into the Hanna she is today. I really didn’t see the background behind this story but we got some interesting Mona scenes. Yes Hanna reached a new step of independence but all of this was so random. We had so many other opportunities for it to happen. Next week Mona is pushing into high gear and maybe this story is connected to what is about to happen.

Overall an average episode with some delighting moments! But let’s see where this season will push us to.



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