The Last Ship Review: Last Hope

The Last Ship premiered two days ago and I just had time to watch the series premier titled “Phase Six”. The reason I tuned in, Eric Dane. I’m still not over him leaving Grey’s Anatomy and I had to see what is behind this intriguing story.

Things happen quite fast, like in a lot pilots, and after seeing doctor Rachel Scott, played by Rhona Mitra, take blood from some pretty sick people she is boarding Eric Dane’s ship to the Arctic.  Eric Dane plays the stunningly handsome ship commander Tom Chandler. And as fast as you can say opening credits 4 months have past and Tom is ready to bring his ship back to the United States.  But after Rachel makes some calls her mission gets extended. It seems like she found what she was looking for and as she was about to take her very important samples they are put under gun fire. Someone is trying to kill them, why? No clue!

Over the curse of the next 5 episodes a lot of blasting happens but ultimately everything straightens up and everyone is safe. One of the shooters is taken to the ship and after Tom realized he is a Russian killer he goes after Rachel. The two of the have an intense face off and things quite heat up. good chemistry. But along the way we get a quick intel what is really happening.

7 months ago a virus was found in Kairo and started to kill a lot of people. Rachel had the idea to find the primeval cord who are carried by the birds she was assumingly their to research. While the whole ship was on radio silence Rachel was communicating with her lab over her own radio and she informs Tom that the world is in Phase SIX! Pandemia!

Afterwards Tom talks to the former US speaker and acting President, cause the President and Vice President are dead. She them to go a isolated lab in North Caroline. Tom decided to be truthful to his whole crew and tells them the truth about what was happening in the last 4 months.

Soon the ship is under fire again and a collision takes the electricity out and Tom and his guys have to think quick.  After one of Tom’s many heroic moves  the power is restored but a new obstacle is on their way. An Italian ship, full of dead people has to be examined for food and other things. Honestly I was about to get sick but I somehow I survived all those dead bodies.

Than the most emotional scene of the pilot happened, one of the soldiers trapped over a body and got exposed to the virus. His fellow soldier Danny, played by Travis van Winkle, begged his companion to comeback to the ship but the soldier knew he couldn’t risk to expose anyone. Tom and Rachel quickly arrive to the scene but the soldier blew a bullet through his head leaving them all stunt. A great moment and really carried me through this awful ship scene.

After paying their respect to the fallen soldier Tom and Rachel discuss the next move and Rachel convinces Tom she can create a vaccine. They came close to the American shore but a message Tom got from his wife and kids changes everything for him.  He decides they won’t enter American soil and goes on his own instincts.  After another inspiring speech by Eric Dane’s Tom Chandler the ship heads towards Guatemala.

In the closing moments it’s revealed that Rachel’s assitent is a spy called Seagull. Nasty! Overall a solid pilot! I enjoyed most of it and it had some really great scenes. I just hope they will find the balance between keeping a fresh and slightly believable story and pushing Eric Dane every other second in our face.


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