Teen Wolf Review: What makes U think we came alone!

Bam Bam Bam and here we go again! Teen Wolf kicked off with it’s fourth season last night and I couldn’t be happier.  “The Dark Moon” was a solid season opener setting things up for a interesting season 4.

The episode starts with an intense scene where Stiles and Lydia enter a club in Mejico! There they meet up with a creepy lady known to us as the Torture grandmother form season 3 played by Ivonne Coll. She portrays a hunter named Araya Calavera. They are asking for Derek and they are ready to pay 50000 bucks for him. Araya isn’t really happy with the offer and neglects it.

A serious face up happens and Stilles and Lydia reveal that besides them in the club U can find Scott, Malia and Kira. While trying to blend in Kira and Malia are performing a sexy dance for all of us, and right away I dig their chemistry. After the trio takes out a couple of Hunters, Araya is stepping up her game and knocks them all out with some wolf spain.  In that moment Scott realizes Araya doesn’t has Derek.

Flashbacks reveal to us that with Lydia’s help the crew found out that Derek is missing somewhere in Mexico.

In present time we find out that Araya’s object of interest Scott McHall and what kind of wolf he really is! After talking about her Bansheeness’s Lydia and Araya, go back to the club and a torture procedure starts.  This part of the episode was a real turn off even though Tyler Possey was almost shirtless. Somehow Scott underelectrfied gets a vision and realizes Kate is the one who took Derek. The reason for the torture was to make Scott believe Kate is alive. Eventually Araya let’s our guys go promising she will go after Scott as soon as he turns someone. Ohhh yes, Braeden becomes our crews guide.

Braeden, in case you forgot is the super girl who saved Isaac in the season 3 opener played by Megan Tandy. Braeden leads the gang to la Iglesia. On their way some awkwardness is growing among our characters with Kira and Malia having questions about who Kate is.  something stops Stiles jeep and Scott is forced to leave the gang behind and go to la Iglesia with Braeden.

In the desert while trying to fix the jeep, Malia and Kira see something in the darkness and go after to fight it. In the process Malia gets hurt but Stiles fixes the jeep and our crew gets away. Afterwards Stiles gets mad at Malia for just running. First of she doesn’t really get it but in a profound moment of her wildish character she confesses to Stiles and the group that she would never leave Stiles. Side Note Malia’s wound doesn’t look good at all, think it will be more than just a wound.

Meanwhile Scott and Braeden reach la Iglesia and start looking for Kate. Something was hunting them but Scott scared it away with his Alpha cry, impressive. Eventually they find Derek only to be stunt by what they found. An about 16 year old Derek, scared and weak being held in a tomb by Kate.

MIA this season started without Mama and Papa McHall and Papa Argent was gone as well. I’m sure this all will change next week.

ICYMI Malia and Stiles shared a kiss, while being locked alone in the Caravera bathroom cellar.

So I’m not really impressed by the whole episode! I loved the beginning and the end the middle was a bit shaky but I let it pass. I hoped for a bit more Lydia and the banshee story, a bit more Scott and Kira but overall this was a nice set up for season4 as a whole.

Even though I honestly doubt season4 will keep the high level of season 3 but it will be interesting to see them try.




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