Pretty Little Liars Review: Nothing stays buried here

So last weeks premiere of PLL really let me down. But no matter what I entered this episode pretty optimistic. “Whirly Girl” was full of drama and unexpected developments. Let’s break this episode girl by girl.

Allison: After getting back to Rosewood, the girls convinced Ali to stop running and that she is save. So Ali went to the det. Holbrock and told him her version of the truth. She told him she was kidnapped and that she escaped a month ago when the girls found her. The girls were buffed by Ali’s move but the reason was quickly revealed. A sms saying the NY truth will kill her changed Ali’s mind so she lied. Afterwards Ali was reintegrating at her home with her dad and brother. The Ali-Daddy scenes were quite emotional and I liked it. Ali is manipulative and bitchy and whatever you want her to be but she was tormented for 2-3 years by some psycho the girls is emotional. And while the Dad was worrying sick, Jason was creeping us all out. He is tormented by some secrets and I really want them to be resolved, shirt/pantyless if possible.

The next awkward thing was a dog delivered to the di Laurentis house. Jessica saved him from a sure death but wasn’t there to welcome him.

The best Ali scene came by the end of the episode as Ali encountered Mona at the substitute dead girls grave. Ali showed remorse and I really believed she was scared. Mona revealed she sent the text and put Ali in a bad place. 1:0 for Mona in Season 5, but I honestly doubt Ali will go down without a fight.

Spencer: Entered right into family home drama, as Mama Bear Hastings was going into full protection mode. And with Emily staying at hers she was projecting all her suspicions on her and they started to go after Jason. I mean Jason as Emily said is probably the only person Mrs di Laurentis would cover for. But once again that would be to easy,

Spencer finally reunited with Toby, who come back from London and spilled he beans on Melissa’s return. This alerted the whole Hastings house but wasn’t delt with in this episode. Instead we got some hottish (Toby cut that hair) Spoby scenes and a pretty emotional Spencer. It’s nice to see she isn’t a robot but has some strong feelings but is to brave to show them all the time.

At the end Spencer had to face her step brother and the big NY question once more came up. But they got interrupted by Aria,Emily and Hanna screaming after he dog revealed Jessica di Laurentis body.

Hanna: The secret was eating up the girls cause Alli ruined their back up plan. And Hanna wasn’t taking these changes easily and with Mr di Laurentis asking Ashley for help was surprisingly helping the girls. Ashley snooped through Mrs D’s e mail account and Hanna uses the time to snoop as well. So she discovered a mail contending she cannot protect a person anymore. I assume it’s her killer she can’t protect anymore.

After bringing some files to Mr D, Hanna and Emily went after Jason who was creeping everyone out and had to make an important delivery to Philly. The 2 of them followed him to a building but didn’t enter as they were a bit to clumsy for it and a drunk dude scared them away.

Aria: Was a wrack and I love it! Her killing Shana took a big tool on her character and I love how she will spiral down. Besides being worried about Ezra she panic all over the lies Ali told. Emotions were all over the place as she was conflicted by so many feelings. But thankfully Emily was there to share the feelings she had after being forced to kill Nate.

On the other side Mike & Mona were into a torn in Aria’s eye. A brief face off happened and Aria cornered Mona with the her knowing the truth about Mona’s involvement the night Ali disappeared. I love Janel, she is so fierce can’t wait for Monarmy to go all out n the girls.

This episode was much better than last weeks premiere and one of the most emotional instalments in recent times. Hopefully the writers continue this way cause they once more proved they don’t need “A” to keep the story going. They have these 5 amazing actresses just deserve some good writing.


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