The 100 Review: Survival is the only Option

“We are Grounders – Part 2” delivered highly on so many levels, but somehow they really didn’t dare to make a real cut!

Let’s start to break down this intense episode inch by inch. The story continues right where Part 1 left of with The 100 preparing to run. Yes they listen to Clarke and prepared to run from the camp to the ocean where Lincoln’s friends will help them. Just as they tried to exit the a Grounder throw some sort of boomerang and killed one of them forcing the 100 to re-enter their camp.

At the camp Clarke, Finn, Raven and Bellamy make a plan to detonate the explosive under their arrival capsule but they need time and the Grounders aren’t willing to give it to them especially after taking Murphy hostage along his walky talky. Finn meanwhile goes to find a cure for the gun wounded Raven and encounters Lincoln.

With the Grounders not in waiting mode a fierce battle errupts and Octavia gets hit by a arrow after saving Bellamy from a Grounder. The battle gets interrupted after Finn and Lincoln bring the creepy guys from last week into the mix and they fight the grounders in front of the 100 gate.

During the “time out” a beautiful brother-sister moment happens and Bellamy and Octavia reconcile all their problems. And Bellamy let’s Lincoln take away the wounded Octavia and save her life in the process. One of the greatest moments in this final and the most emotional for sure.

The Grunders break the gate just in time as Jasper prepared the bomb. In a great twist Finn leaves the security of the capsule to save Bellamy’s life. And Clarke decides to sacrifice Finn and Bellamy and close the capsule. Anja succeeds in entering the capsule and the100 attack her ravishly till Clarke stops them by saying They Are Not Grounders! Shortly after Jasper activates the bomb and Grounders be burning.

The morning after The 100 exit the capsule and witness a bunch of dead skeletons. Afterwards the got poisoned and kidnapped. Just to see Clarke wake up in an angel white room in white clothes in the Mount Weather facility. Locked up with Monty. Impressive technology.

Beside Finn’s and Bellamy’s faith unknown Jaha’s life is in jeopardy to. After they started their mission to bring down the Arc an explosive wouldn’t start and Jaha had to sacrifice his life and manually activate the bomb. After the Arc landed in an emotional speech he said goodbye to Aby and Marcus. It was really hard to see Jaha being left behind on the Arc, and Isaiah killed once more.

It was a really good final, filled with actin, emotions, some deadly consequences and a really good mysterious cliffhanger. The only flaw they really didn’t kill anyone! I mean Bellamy and Finn are alive for sure, NO DOUBT THERE. Season 2 will start in about 4 months and it can’t happen soon enough.


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