Pretty Little Liars Review: Leading Us On


And that’s it! Pretty Little Liars returned after a 3 month long hiatus with the long awaited season 5 premier “EscApe from New York”. Honestly the episode was anything I expected it to be, it was only misleading us but that’s something PLL is doing really well.

The episode featured 3 story lines one around our Liars, the other was Mona centric and the last but not least was about the Hastings family.

We start of right after the shooting and the ambulance taking Ezra to a hospital. With Noah Kahn’s help they get out of the shitty situation and prepare a diversion for “A”. But as always “A” is one step ahead of our girls and fooled them with a bunch of “A” fakes. Eventually Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Alison take refuge at a theater, where Ezra was taking Ali a bunch of times before. And I must say Sasha Pierce played a really good Ali. Feeling isolated, walking away from the girls. Ali has changed!!! Or better said the fear has changed her.

Meanwhile at the hospital Aria is waiting for information on the wounded Ezra and got some company by the always awkward Shana. After a while Ezra woke up and suffered some sort of panic attack after seeing Aria and Shana in his room.

Back at a theater, Ali has a new visitor, CeCe! With Noah’s help she takes the fake passport and leaves. Always nice to see Brant and his dimpples on our small screens. Eventually CeCe departs, leaving Ali to be confront by Emily. Ali confesses Emily why she is helping CeCe.

And than happens the big reveal! Shana is “A”, or at least part of team “A” ! She confronts the girls with a gun and tells them how she found out all the secrets Ali was hiding and started to despise her. So she is a converted “A” not THE real one. Eventually the girls got rescued by Aria, who knew the truth about Shana after Ezra told her. That explains his panic attack when he woke up previously.

Aria accidentally kills Shana ending the “A” mess, for now at least. I mean it’s a stupid move overall. Like a small bait and we all should take it and be happy with it.

But the “A” drama seems to come to sort of end cause in Rosewood a completely new gang is gathering, preparing Hell on Earth for Ali. Their leader is no one other than Mona. Between many other Mona followers there are also some significant others, like an extremely hotted up Lucas, Emily’s sort of ex Paige and the criptic Melissa Hastings. And not that I don’t like this new setup but it would be better for it to happen after the real “A” was revealed. So we will see how all this plays out especially with episode 100 approaching in 4 weeks.

Besides joining Mona’s force to be reckon with Melissa had some heated scenes with Mama and Papa Hastings. The confession she made to Papa Hastings was quite impressive cause he was seriously hit by the confession and got pretty drunk. Peter was quite creepy in his drunk state, Melissa was quite scared by this adtitude, me also. So I hope it’s a really BIG reveal!!

ICYMI According to Ms Hasting just one month has passed since the reveal that Ali is alive. 12 episodes 1 month!!!!! Come on the girls will never leave the High school.

All along a weak episode! Again some fake revelations and some intriguing set ups, but I still hope something good will come out of this episode / season.


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