Dream Cast: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot

“Go Go Power Rangers” How many times have I sung this during my youth? Uncountable. I know this is a blog about TV shows but Power Rangers deserves for me to step out of my comfort zone and make some casting suggestion involving the upcoming Reboot.

First of I must say, I’m a huge Power Ranger fan and the news about a new movie & potential movie series just made me unbelievably happy. Even though it’s a long way till the movie hits the big screen and no real information are out, I must say I think this could be a new hit series. It’s a legendary story with a huge fanbase, it has the space for the amazing popular 3d effects and Lionsgate has proven to have a golden hand while picking their new hit projects. So let me give you some great casting solutions for these epic characters.

Red Ranger – Jason

Taylor Lautner
red ranger (2)
-I just heard rumors he is in the running for the role and it seems quite fitting. He is charming has a great chemistry and leader qualities. I really wouldn’t hate it if he plays Jason.

Robbie Amell
red ranger
-My personal favorite. Besides having a rocking body(jealous) and some nice acting skills he even looks a bit like the 1st Red Ranger actor.

Yellow Ranger – Trini

Jessica Lu


Is the only one I see fit this role. She is so charming but still kick ass. The first Yellow Ranger Trini was quite an interesting/weird/unique character.

Blue Ranger – Billy

Ed Westwick

-I know Ed Westwick isn’t the actor you would thought of first for the role of Billy. But just use your imagination and Nerd him up a bit. And why couldn’t Billy be a really hottie this time around.

Pink Ranger – Kimberly

Caitlin Stasey
pink ranger 1
Really played the role of her live while impersonating Kenna in Reign’s first season. She is a wonderfull girl and suprisingly convincing acting skills and her laugh isn’t a minus for sure.

Shenae Grimes

-I miss her. I want to watch something with her again and she has that cheerful spirit that Amy brought to the Pink Ranger. Just humor me Liongate

Black Ranger – Zack

John Boyega


-I just like him. Not to much featured but still he has quite the potential to be huge.

Green Ranger – Tommy
Even though I don’t expect him to appear right away in the first movie, I think I have 2 pretty great suggestions who should fill the role of Tommy.

Avan Jogia.

green (2)

-He is smart, charming and a hell of an actor. As proven in Twisted he has this great ability to be bad and good at the same time.

Luke Mitchell


I just like him. He is so sweet.  Can he be a bad ass!? No doubt. I think he is an uprising star with academy award potential. Bring it on.

That’s the wrap!!! Tell me what do you think? Are these good selections or have you better ones? Share!


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