The 100 Review: Look Inside


“We are Grounders Part 1” delivered so many OMG’s that I seriously thought it was he season final. I know I’m bit late with the review but my lack of time doesn’t take anything away from the brilliance of this episode.

On the Arc: Our adults had only 51 hours till the Arc would stop being survivable. While Jaha and Kane were trying to find peace with their fate, Abby was breaking down. She couldn’t take the idea of never seeing Clarke again and her never forginving her. Truly a heartbreaking and believable performance by Paige Trucco.

Jaha meanwhile fought his fears with a bottle of alcohol and a video of young Clarke and Wall. The video pushed him towards a new idea to crash the Arc on Earth and save their lives. The only issue there, 95% of the Arc would explode but if our main characters move into the 5% they have a possibility to survive.

On Earth: We were treated 2 very interesting stories. First of all Clarke and Finn are alive at least it seems that way. They were saved by no one other than the abb rocking Lincoln. He decided to switch sites once more cause it was really not fair what his people were doing to the kids and of course save Elena I mean Octavia. He played a diversion and succeeded to escape with Clarke and Finn in some catacombs which lead all over Earth and into the camp of course. The only bad thing some sort of deadly monster is circling through the catacombs.

In the catacombs Lincoln sacrificed himself so Finn and Clarke could rescue themseves. It was quite creepy as some not so alive guys were attackng our heroes. Eventually Finn and Clarke escapes with Finn killing one warrior along the way. Him killing the guy inspired these 2 to have a deep romantic scene but Clarke just couldn’t forgive him for hiding Raven from her. An explosion interrupted the tense scene and they run back to the camp.

Meanwhile in the camp, Murphy was discovered as a killer after Jasper saw him kill Henry, the kid which followed Finn and Clarke a weak ago. He looked himself and Jasper in the capsle pushing Bellamy to a new heroic act. He exchanged himself for Jasper cause he know Murphy wanted revenge for the things Bellamy did.

Eventually Murphy hanged Bellamy but Raven and Jasper saved the day and Bellamy. Murphy didn’t get his deserved punishment, he escaped and shot Raven along the way.

After Finn and Clarke came back, Bellamy delivered an emotional speech about how the camp is their new home and how they should stay there and fight, cause they are Grounders. But Clarke countered with the only truth left out there. The Grounders around Anja are to strong and will kill them all if they don’t leave following Lincoln’s instructions.

MIA Monty! After being stunned last week by something we couldn’t see, this week he didn’t appear setting up a cliffhanger reveal for next weeks season final.

NAME dropping: The Commander! A supposed leader of Anja’s group of Grounders.

Next week seems quite intense and I’m sure the final won’t end without 1 crushing death and some major cliffhangers. Bring it on!!!!


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