The 100 Review: Hanging in the Air


Last nights The100 episode was once more a good episode featuring various developments and setting up some good stories for the final 2 episodes of season 1. Let’s see what all happened in “The Calm”.

On The Arc: Remember early on when we all hated Counselor Kane (played by Henry an Cusick), that times are long gone. I mean I completely fall in love with Marcus Kane tonight. He was a hero and I loved every single moment of it. The events of “The Calm” start around 2 days after the bridge explosion and around 4 days since Dianna cliffed herself of The Arc and let the Arc dying. Marcus went on a mission to find survivors. Step by step he gathered a small group and after going against Jaha’s orderes he even reached Jaha and some other officers. Eventually Marcus grommed his hero hair(VD style) and went on a rescue mission. Yes he rescued even more people, as he, Jaha and the remaining Arcstuff realized Dianna left some people behind and Marcus had to see who was there. And of course it was Abby. So now with 1500 people dead on the Arc there wil probably be a ship big enough to rescue them to the Earth. The next 2 weeks should bring a conclusion to that.

On Earth: Things seemed pretty “calm” in the 100 camp. Two days have past since the bridge bombing and that was really bugging Clarke. She knew that the Grounders wouldn’t keep calm but couldn’t do anything to prevent it.

But after their food torched down accidentally (read Murphy had his part im it for sure) our man characters went out on a hunt. One of the teams was consisting of Clarke, Finn and a really sympathic guy,Miles. They eventually fall into the Grounders trap and Finn and Clarke were kidnapped by them, while Miles was left to die. Anja and the others needed Clarke to rescue a young girl warrior, after their Medicine man died. In case she doesn’t succeed they will kill Finn.

Some intense scenes started to unravel but no matter how much Clarke tried the girl suffered from sepsis and died. Resulting in Finn’s abduction and Clarke killing a Grounder and running away from their camp. But she didn’t run far cause she fell into one of the grounders trap and was left hanging in the air. Eliza Taylor had some amazing moments once more, really dig her voice and facial expressions.

In the 100 camp meanwhile Raven was burning out of jealousy. Even though she was the one who broke up with Finn, she was mad as she saw Finn and Clarke leaving. So she wanted to numb her pain and was is better than sleeping with the hotest known guy in the camp, Bellamy. After a passionte encounter, Raven and Bellamy quickly parted ways and after the information that Finn, Clarke and Miles didn’t return panic errupted and a rescue squad was formed. Was the hook up really neccessary? No! But it’s about the impact that will follow and it’s nice to see Bellamy cared enough to try and bang the pain out of Raven.

In the rescue process Monty saw something really scary and got abducted, Raven and Octavia found Miles and Bellamy was searching the woods for Clarke. With Clarke, Monty and Finn’s life in danger and The Arc people destiny unknown we are in for 2 great final episodes. Can’t wait.


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