Wrap Up: The Vampire Diaries Season 5


Soooooo! The year of the Doppelgangers officially concluded leaving VD fans unexpecditly hanging on for more. Season 5 of VD was not really what I and other fans were expecting with story lines being rushed over, characters disappearing into oblivion and montage and more Delena drama than any normal person could handle. Before announcing my favorite tops & flops of the season lets talk a bit about this mess.

Like many other CW shows Vampire Diaries struggled with their transition to College. Vampire Diaries really tried to keep the show’s main story connected with Whitmore College but eventually failed in their attempt. The introduction of the evilish dr Maxfield kept the show bound to Whitemore College but quickly he lost his funding and we moved away from College. Yes there were some moments at the college later(like Elena being looked in while suffering the ripper virus, but why there? There are million more aaver places all around Mystic falls) but that was a new level of forced. But not even that matter cause this is a show about Vampires they are Immortal they will get their chance to study something later(like Stefan said he did College 2 times already). But this is the continuity issue VD had all over season 5.

Back to the begginig, Season 4 ended on a high note with a major cliffhanger and I thought season 5 could be really good with Psycho Silas on he loose, Bonnie on the other side(“exploring it”) and everyone else clueless about it. And the start of the season was good, Silas vs Our Crew, Silas vs Qetsiyah, our guys vs Qetsiyah, and suddenly the writers finished all that up in 1 episode and completely changed the curse of the story. No sain reason there! Kill Silas and Qetsiyah so easily and move on, the 2 of them would be great antagonists throughout season 5. But with Silas and Amara dead, there no more doppelgangers should be Born! Right!?

Then the Augustine story peaked quickly just to be forgotten for 2-3 episodes and brought back just to conclude in the next episode. Along the way Katherne was dying after Silas drained the cure out of her but she jumped into Elena’s body giving us a couple of really funny but storywise poor moments.

Eventually the feared Travelers came to Mystic Falls, followed by their curse. Don’t get me wrong the story behind the Travelers was good, but poorly executed. Unbelievable poorly. The Travelers intwnded to get rid of Spirit magic with the power of the last doppelgangers blood. Their all mighty leader, Markos, was everything but a feared Villain and their plan really didn’t coast anyone their life. Besides Damon, who will comeback for sure cause what would the VD be without Damon Salvatore.

In the romance department this year was almost completely focusing on Delena what was good and bad at the same time. I mean no matter how big U ship Stelena at least till “Resident Evil”(5×18, directed by Paul Wesley, ICYMI Beautiful ep and side flashes that really made me tear up a bit) you must be convinced that Delena is endgame and that anything besides that would be plain silly. They are really good friends and there is really no comeback from that. On the other hand, Delena didn’t knew where they stand and how they stand. It was a huge back and forth between those 2 and to many deep conversation about how they are bad for each other. It was a throw of really! It was getting boring and annoying.

Meanwhile Stefan and Caroline were moving forward. And I still can’t tell if the writers will ever really go there it’s beautiful to see them bond more and more. It will be interesting to see where they will end up now that Stefan will probably be really damaged and aroline trying t be there for him. ICYMI Bonnie and Jeremy aren’t that platonic anymore, shame she isn’t alive or sort of anymore.

Top 4 Episodes

3rd Place: For Whom The Bells Tolls: Episode 4 of this season was an intense outing featuring a brain cleared Stefan, Jeremy revealing Bonnie is dead, some sweet Steroline moments, a beautiful funeral for Bonnie & a VD worth cliffhanger.

-Why did it rock? : I as a former Stelena supporter was enjoying every moment of Stefan and Elena connecting and reconnecting. Their chemistry is so honest, easy and the eyes and pure. Carolime meanwhile was making some progress with Jesse who was really sweet in the way he approached her. But things got awkward when Stefan feed on him forcing Caroline to heal him with her blood. Besides that Jeremy revealed that Bonnie is dead as everyone was looking for her to help. At the end we got a beutiful memorial service for Bonnie and I enjoyed it so so much. It felt concluding proper not to much just beautiful. The big cliffhanger, dr Maxfield killing Jesse after realizing he had Vampirr blood in his system. He seemed to be such an interesting villain.

-Why only 3rd place? : Hmm I don’t know. The episode didn’t had any really issues or bad moments just think 1st and 2nd place did deliver a bit better.

2nd Place: The Devil Inside. The first ep featuring Katherime in Elena’s body and her starting to mess with Elena’s friends. Katherine as Elena eventually broke up with Damon and it was really good.

-Why did the episode rock? : Kathlena going arund Mystic Falls and kick ass was just great to watch. The episode had it’s laughs, emotion and backstabbing just what every VD fan likes. Kathlena setting up Caroline and Stefan rescuing her from a pissed of Tyler wad just one of the hilarious moments the show gave us. And Katherine’s break up speech, Amazing!!! The word choice was so good.

-Why only 2nd Place? : Damon going of rails and killing Aron. I mean come on. The episode was so good till this point. I mean they took all of Damon’s character development and let it down the toilet. I mean U are imorrtal if she doesn’t love you today she will in 200 years.

1st Place: Home. Yes the season final of season 5 really delivered for me. After some really bad episodes after Katherine’s demise “Home” was an intense episode with many emotional moments and a cliffhanger that made social media burn.

-Why did the episode rock? : It was just a vintage Vampire Diaries episode. After killing Stefan in the episode prior to this I knew the writers had to dig deep to get us back on track. With the reappearence of Grams, Silas, Lexi and Alaric the episode just got better. All the Travelers were killed and Lexi got the chance to sent Markos into the void and sacrifice herself for the benefit of her best friend. Off the topic I really don’t bow why Arielle Kebbel doesn’t have a major role in a show, she is amazing. My Steroline heart was beating strong as Caroline was crying over Stefan’s body and her snapping Luke’s neck so Liv would help them was just great. But that later bit them in their ass, as Liv was having not enough power to perform the spell till the end Luke broke the circle preventing Damon from crossing back to the living. And than after so much Delena drama this season, Damon got to say goodbye and it was beautiful. “I peaked” he said and all our hearts broke. Eventually a white light gathered around Damon and Bonnie and made our hearts skip a beat and honestly my didn’t start ticking again.

Top 3 Flop episodes

3rd Place: What Lies Beneath. That week we got to travel to a cabin and protect Elena and Stefan from the travelers. But they weren’t alone Enzo’s ghost followed as well.

-Why did the episode Flop? : It was an boring hour. Really boring. Enzo crossing sides and trying to kill Elena by draining her was plain awful. No really development just stalling till the season final.

-Why it wasn’t a complete bust? : Caroline being jealous over Stefan’s and Elena’s secret. I love Caroline.

2nd Place: No Exit. The aftermath of Wes infecting Damon was going on and Kathlena’s most obvious hitting on Stefan which finally made the realize Elena wasn’t Elena.

-Why did the episode Flop? : It was such a drag. So dreadful to watch. Honestly the Damon-Enzo drama, the Katherine throwing herself on Stefan moments just boring. Even tjough I like Enzo and Kathlena it was just smehow random, you knew nothing would happened and Katherine trying to force Stefan to kill Damon so much about obvious.

-Why it wasn’t a complete bust? :Tyler bit Nadia and she exited the week after. Thumbs up for that.

1st Place: While you were Sleeping. Elena came back from her Passenger sleep with a deadly ripper virus and Damon was struggling how to tell Elena the truth.

-Why did the episode Flop? : It was a plain simple rush over. Elena and Damon were just injected with the virus and after 60 minutes they got rid off? Lame lamer episode 16 of season 5. I mean seriously. It was a good story it had all the brilliant elements to be great but like it was difficult for the writers to carry it out longer they just decided to move on.

Top 3 New Character

3rd Place Kathlena. I enjoyed almost every single moment featuring Katherine n Elena’s body. It’s odd how Nina gave this character a new dimension not to be compared to Elena or Katherine, she had a complete new character and was just plain hilarious. From compleing Matt to give her clothing advice, over making a pro and con list for saving Jeremy to setting Caroline up with major Tyler drama she was a hell of a character. Sadly this combination won’t return but I will never give up hope for my precious Katarina to return.

2nd Place: Enzo. The delightful army guy Enzo brought a lot of fun into season 5. His blood thirst, his principes, his dashing looks created an overall great character. And I’m glad that season 6 has a series regular place for him and can’t wait to see where he will fit into this messy universe. His flirtations with Caroline were funny, his devotion sunnig and his akcent quite decent and I would ask Barry Sloane to listen a bit how it’s done.

1st Place: Qetsiyah aka Tessa. Janina Gavankar killed the role of the psycho 2000 yeae old witch. Her crazy eyes, her great plans, her powdrful magic everything was fitting, just 1 thing she died to soon. It’s such a shame she wasn’t the main villain of the season the writer really missed out there. Her character was driven, without any wish of redemption, she had a goal and she was into the game to win.

Top 2 New Flop characters

2nd Place: dr Wes Maxfield. Honestly I loved him the first couple of eps. He was mysterious, he had and secret agenda but what happened than? No clue. Instead of becoming more dangerous he become predictable and an easy target. His death anticlimactic and rushed like a lot of things in season 5.

1st Place Markos. I never heard about a Villain who was never really dangerous. The only time I feared him was in the pneultimate episode when he fought Damon a bit. But as said just a bit. Completely anticlimactic, from the moment he was announced till Lexi sent his ass int oblivion I didn’t cared about him for a second.

Best and Worst Main Character

Best: Caroline. Plain simple. Probably the only main character with some development this season. Caroline is such a pure soul and her nternal struggle is so beautiful to watch. For next season I really hope some happines is coming her way and it doesn’t have to be on the love plain let her fnd herself and develop.

Worst: Matt. Not to be rude Tyler and Jeremy were in the run to but the lack of their appearence gave them a safe pass. And honestly this year Matt had some storylines but the writers failed to execute them. After realizing he had a passenger, he wasn’t even mentioned for 3 episodes just to remove it in a 4 minute scene. And it’s a shame cause Zach Roering has the skills but simply isn’t given the space to prove it. Some rumors tell he will become a police men in season 6, I really hope it won’t be a 5 minute job.

Season 6! What am I looking forward to?

-Hmmm Steroline happening. This is the season with ratings falling.

-Elena be Salvatore brother Free. I know Damon isn’t gone but right off he won’t be by Elena’s side.

-Elena possibly seeking revenge for Damon not passing, and go after Luke and Liv.

-The possible introduction of Luke and Liv’s coven.

-Damon and Bonnie’s fate and how will they interact with the rest of the crew.



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