Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time Season 3


As of Sunday, May 11th Once Upon a Time Season 3 ended and to be truth it was a hell of a season. Over all I have mixed feelings about this season. There were episodes that were great, some were epic and some were underwhelming. This season featured 2 separate adventures with the first 11 episodes featuring our core characters in Neverland fighting Peter Pan and the 2nd half introducing us to the WW of the East, Zelena. 

TOP 3 Episodes:

3rd Place: “Save Henry”. As the title indicates the episode revolves around our main cast trying to safe Henry. After Pan convinced Henry to give him his heart, the heart of the truest believer, Regina cast a protection spell giving them about an hour to safe Henry.

-Why did this episode rock? : Lana Parrilla nailed our world! No matter if it was present time scenes or flashbacks to the days when Regina adopted Henry, Lana was on top of her game. The speech she gave about having no regrets, was just perfect and suiting to her character.

-Why only 3rd Place? :The way Regina overpowered Pan was just to easy. Just like the way Regina defeated Zelena, anticlimactic. Plus the time loop! Regina wanted a kid right after Owen left, why would she wait 18 years to go through with the adoption?

2nd Place: “Think Lovely Thoughts”. The last piece of Rumple’s back story was revealed, making his character more profound and deeper than I could ever imagine. Our gang reunited and made their ultimate move against Pan, just to realize he already made his move for Henry’s heart.

-Why did this episode rock? : Revealing that Peter Pan was Rumple’s dad was just so moving. And the fact that he abandoned Rumple because of his desire to stay young forever was just perfect and fitting into Rumple’s overall story. The father-son face off in the cave was just so emotional even though both parts played it really cool.

-Why only 2nd Place? : No real reason, a really great episode but “There Is No Place Like Home” was just better.

1st Place: “There Is No Place Like Home”.  The season 3 final episode was in my humble opinion OUAT’s best episode ever. It featured Emma’s and Hook’s adventure to go back to their own time. On their way they changed the curse of fairytale history and brought back to extraordinary fairytale women to present time Storybrooke.

-Why did this episode rock? : Jennifer Morrison!!!! Her scene with Rumple at his secret cellar was just pure perfection. And every scene was brilliantly planted and executed. From burning Snow at the stake to the moment Regina’s heart broke after realizing Emma brought back Marien. The episode was a perfect closure on Emma’s path to find her home.  Captain Swan fans were as well delighted after Emma finally let go of her walls and let Hook in.

Top 2 Flop Episodes

2nd Place: “The Tower”. The highly anticipated appearance of Rapunzel was everything but good. The story happening in Storybrooke was far more interesting but couldn’t compensate the disappointed I felt after seeing how poorly Rapunzel was used.

-Why did the episode flop? : The fact that Rapunzel was trapped in the Tower cause of her fears and that her mirror self wasn’t letting her go was a nice idea but I was let down how fast and easy was it resolved.

-Why it wasn’t a complete bust? : Josh finally got his 5 minutes to shine. Charming is for most of the show benched down but here he got his 60minutes to shine. Hopefully we get more of this along the season 4.

1st Place: “Dark Hollow”. 2 realms, 2 stories, 2 really annoying happenings. While Emma, Hook and Neal went after Pan’s shadow, Ariel and Belle were searching  for Pandora’s box at Mr. Gold’s place.

-Why did the episode flop? : The attempt to involve Emma in a love triangle was just not working at all. She isn’t that type of girl. And if that wasn’t enough, Ariel’s appearance in Storybrooke didn’t help at all. The Storybrooke plot was just so childish and underwhelming. Bad use of Ariel but later on that!!!!

Top 3 New Characters

3rd Place: Robin Hood. I wasn’t happy when they switched out the actor but the new Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire, was just great. From his interaction with Neal and Mulan early on in the season, till he and Regina started to connect it was really well played out. He and Regina are just a beautiful couple, the way the trust each other and believe in their in the other one just was a crucial part of the 2nd part of the season..

2nd Place: Peter Pan. Robbie Kay is my new favorite child actor. His portrayal of Peter Pan was ground shaking. Every scene with him were intense, meaningful and creepy played out.  He was really cold and that was really strange to watch but overall a powerful portrayal . The only minus to his character was his POWER! He was called so strong but we never really saw that. I mean that is the overall deal with villains in many shows, Peter should’ve killed the charming gang the moment they arrived in Neverland, but he didn’t! Why????

1st Place: Zelena, the WW of the West. Wow! Just wow. Zelena wasn’t just wicked she was down right mad. You really grew to love her as the story progresses, cause you see how much damaged and how much pain she is carrying with herself.  The other thing I loved in the build up of her character was that she had a chance to be truly happy in Oz but her envy ate her up and she choose to be evil.

Top 3 New Flop Characters

3rd Place: Glinda. Just plain simple she really didn’t contribute to the story. Her 2 appearances were just bland, and it felt somehow shallow. They intended to present her as that overly good person but it just felt shallow instead of pure and gentle.

2nd Place: Ariel. Her first appearance was great, you felt that gentle, playful fairytale character we all loved. But after she was misused, I mean we probably should be happy she had 2 more episodes to appear.

1st Place: Rapunzel. Just no. Rapunzel having this dark side was a smart, strong idea but to quickly resolved. If you have so deep fears they can’t be healed with just one simple talk. The potential behind the story was immense but completely let down after they took out of the story what they needed. Alexandra Metz played a really good part but as I said she needed much more space.

*There is one big thing with Once Upon a Time overall, they are doing a great job by going through the Snow White tale but every other fairytale princess story is just left aside. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Dorothy just simple one night stands, while Aurora and Red where the only ones to get more out of this. I would be happier to see each of them get their own arc, something like Aurora had.

Worst and Best Main Character

Worst: NEAL. I really liked Neal and it’s hard to say that any of the shows main characters is the worst but let me explain. His season 2 appearance was great, you really saw how damaged he was. Season3 intended to follow this pattern, but quickly left the character fall form the writers grace. I mean Neal had a strong story going on, fighting for his family, forgiving his father and I really enjoyed it. But why let him die so easily. It felt to quick and forced. I will miss you Neal you deserved a much more impressive out.

Best: Regina. Regina’s path started with Emma and Henry entering her life and is far from over. But what we witnessed in Season 3 was really amazing work from Lana Parrilla. No matter if it is a flashback, present time or whatever Regina is great, her mimic, her lines everything works out perfectly. Regina walked a long way from the Evil Queen and estranged Mom, to the Hero she is today.  And I must say besides Captain Swan, Regina’s reaction to Marien is the thing I look most forward to in season4.

The Biggest Story loopholes

I will just count them down not making a scale.

-Tinkerbell meeting Hook. So according to the story Hook was in Neverland before Tinkerbell but he was researching the Island about 250 years later. And why didn’t we get anything on how Tinkerbell got to Neverland and her connection to Pan.

-How was Hook in the Enchanted Forest in “Snow drifts”, wasn’t he in Neverland.

-How did Zelena and Glinda stayed that young? In “Kansas” we saw Zelena spying on a newby witch Regina, so what was she doing in these 28 years . Cora was powerful and aging.

*The OUAT Writers should make a special series and conclude the stories they missed. Something like Pokemon Chronicles.

Season 4! What I’m looking for?

– A Captain Swan relationship.

– Regina facing her ultimate temptation,  and struggle between being a Hero and going after Emma and Marien with dark magic.

-Belle’s reaction to Rumple killing Zelena.

-The consequences of having a split heart for the Charmings and see them struggle with little Prince Neal.

– The Snow Queen, Elsa appearing! My casting suggestions: AnnaLynne McCord, Blake Lively, Clair Holt or Elizabeth Mitchell.


Thanks for tuning In! Looking forward to season 4.




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