Wrap Up: Arrow Season 2


CW’s Arrow cemented itself this year as one of my favorite Tv dramas. I love every single bit of. For me season 2 was brilliantly laid down like Oz’s yellow brick road with the final being Emerald city and it was more than I ever could expect.

After season one’s high level, people were expecting a lot from season 2 and the Arrow crew didn’t let us down. So let’s remember what season 2 had in store for us.

Top 3 episodes

3rd Place: Heir to the Demon. This episode welcomed Nyssa Al Ghul to the Arrowverse and there was a totally new love story happening. After leaving the league and breaking Nyssa’s heart, Sara had to stand the ultimate temptation.

-Why did the episode rock? : Cause of the dynamic! Sara returned to Starling city once more and was followed by cause her arrow shooting ex lover, Nyssa Al Ghul, daughter of the Heir to the Demon, set up a trap. Nyssa was bound to bring Sara back to he League of Assasins but neither Lance or Oliver were intending to let her go. Nyssa was quite kick ass and wasn’t fooling around at all. At the end Nyssa realized that Sara’s place was by her family and let her stay in Starling city. Surprisingly not every member of the Lance family was happy about this development. Besides that Oliver and Sara drowned each others sorrow in their genitals.

-Why only 3rd Place? : Honestly no real reason. Only thing that bothered me was the hook up. It felt random but justified. Awkward

2nd Place: Seeing Red. Announced as a Roy centric episode, the episode was so much more than that. The episode featured the demise of Moira Queen and a game changing reveal from the past.

-Why did the episode rock? : Cause it made me cry!!! Plain simple! The most emotional Arrow outing just delivered with that last heartbreaking scene. The episode featured intense and loving scenes between our teen couple, Roy and Thea, eventually knocking Roy out of the game. Besides that there was some major Queen family bonding as Thea finally made a step towards Moira and Oliver, only to be once more kidnapped by Slade. Slade than put Oliver in the worst possible position. He had to choose between Mother and Sister. Moira bravely stood up and took the decision out of Oliver’s hands. Meanwhile in the flashbacks it was revealed that Oliver knocked up a girl, while dating Laurel and Moira payed her off to Central city. This is not only a huge game changer but is setting up a potential crossover with the Flash series.

-Why only 2nd Place? : The episode felt so over crowded. I mean so many developments were pressed into just one hour. There were at least 2 episodes in this one.

1st Place: “The Scientist”. It was episode 8 of season 2 and featured the highly anticipated arrival of Barry Allen.

-Why did it rock? Cause of Grant Gustin. I knew Grant only from his appearance in Glee but his portrayal of Barry Allen was just on point perfect. He was an adorable Nerd, annoying and pushy in time and the fact that he was always late was a nice touch to his feature speedy alter ego, Flash. Barry Allen’s appearance wasn’t all about him it was about him changing the dynamic of the Arrow trio for quite some time. As he and Felicity hit it right of. The episode was well-balanced, with Barry introduction well-played into the overall storyline. I had high expectations from this episode and it delivered. Oliver being poisoned at the end and Felicity revealing his identity to Barry was quite the game changer.

Top 2 Flop episodes

2nd place: State vs Queen. This episode featured the return of Count Vertigo, Malcolm Merlyn and a shameful trial and even worse paternity reveal.

-Why did the episode Flop? : The paternity reveal! OMG! I thought the CW shifted to Telemundo while airing this episode. It was just too much. I don’t see Moira as the cheating type of wife especially not with her husbands best friend. Come on this is pure madness. And this was around the time Merlyn’s wife died a complete No Go! Thea being a Merlyn is the greatest thing that could happen to her but the circumstances for it overall weren’t really fitting.

-Why it wasn’t a complete bust? : Malcolm returned! Thumbs up for that and another thumb for the sweet Olicity rescue scene. Oliver killed for Felicity!

1st Place: Birds of Prey. I must say no Arrow season 2 episode really let me down, besides this one. Helena Berteneli was bound to come back after her father returned to Starling city. They set up a trap and newly reinstated Laurel and a bunch of other people were caught in the crossfire.

– Why did the episode Flop? : Cause it was a pure violation of the comic book title. The Birds of Prey comic portrayed strong women and them being Heroines but this was just a pathetic pitty fest. As a fan of the comic and the 2002 show I was disappointed by the use of the title. They should’ve spared the title for an episode where Birds of Prey are really bound to happen.

-Why it wasn’t a complete Bust? : One and only reason, Laurel. Yes dear Arrow fans, the always hated and most negged about Laurel killed it here. Copying Helena’s line after black mailing her job back ( Once you let the darkness in, it never comes out ) was just earthshaking. Kudos to Laurel.

Top 3 New Characters

3rd Place: Amanda Waller. Amanda coming into the whole Arrowverse was just a great move. A woman willing to do whatever it takes is just not empowering it’s totally hot. This season she created the Suicide Squad and intended to blow up Starling city. I’m glad she will stick around for season 3.

2nd Place: Barry Allen. I already said how much I loved Barry appearing in episode 8 of the season so I don’t have to drag that to much along. Plenty of people were questioning the casting choice but Grant swapped the floor with all the bad mouths. He completely deserves a show on his own.

1st Place: Sara Lance aka The Canary. Last year at Comic Con it was official, The Canary orgin story was starting with season 2. Caity Lotz gave us an intense portrayal of the Lost Lance sister all over season 2. She started as a scared girl on the Freighter and appeared in present time as a killer machine. I would really love to see more about her evolution into the Canary but there wasn’t enough time for it in season 2. I hope there will be some time to go back that story. Sara in the final decided to leave Starling city with Nyssa as she changed and couldn’t stay put in Starling. I really hope she will comeback.

Top 2 New Flop Characters

-Honestly there weren’t real flops but some questionable story choices.

2nd Place: Sharpnel. Amanda blew his head. Literally she activated a bomb in his head. Okay I get she is cruel but famous comic villains aren’t that disposable.

1st Place: William Tockman. Robert Knepper and his amazing southern anatomy would’ve been used way better. Overall he really couldn’t shine as the story around the Lance family was going wild.

Worst and Best Main Character:

Worst: Thea Queen. To be completely truthful there was no bad main character, but Thea Queen was so underused, possibly even forgotten over the first 17 episodes of the season. At the end she got her 5 minutes to shine but Willa can do so much better. It seems the writers have realized this and put her on an interesting season 3 journey.

Best: Felicity Smoak. In a really tough competition Felicity was clearly the front-runner. She is a comedic relief, she is emotional, she starts to be kick ass. Felicity transformed most from all the main characters. She went from the “to smart for her own good girl” to the bomb detonating and car hitting, villain eliminating power woman. With Felicity you are always in for a great ride, no matter if she is plain serious and calculates her way through fire walls or she shows her vulnerable/emotional side to Oliver. I’m definitely and Olicity shipper and I hope season 3 will be their year.

*Special Kudos to Oliver Queen. Stephen plays a great lead but this year Felicity stole him the show.

Best fight scenes:

3rd Place: Arrow vs Nyssa Al Ghul

2nd Place: Team Slade vs Team Arrow in the tunnel.

1st Place: Slade vs Oliver combined flashback ship scene and present me final face off.

Season 3! What am I looking forward to?

-1st place without a doubt, Oliver meeting his son/daughter that will be a character changing event. Can’t wait!!!!

-Diggle getting his first child.

-Felicity’s road and hopefully a back story on her.

-Laurel and her way to become a Hero. Hopefully a devilish new love interest.

-Green Lantern appearing finally!!! I mean there were to many clues along these 2 seasons and come on Felicity asked Oliver where he learnt to fly? My casting suggestions: Chad Michael Murray, Nathaniel Buzolic, Chace Crawford, Jason Segal.


4 thoughts on “Wrap Up: Arrow Season 2

  1. I love Arrow too! And thought the finale was quite good. I am looking forward to The Flash more if I am being honest.

    • I’m looking forward to The Flash as well! Should be quite good, I had recently the chance to watch the Pilot and I must say I’m not disappointed I just hope the Arrow story lines won’t suffer cause of it. Come back in fall I will cover The Flash as well so we can exchange opinions !

      • Oh wow you did? Sounds good man. For sure, I will be checking your blog from time to time. You can also check my blog if you want, I am currently reviewing the Summer shows pilot 🙂

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