The100 Review: Bio War

I Am Become Death

With finales week over, The100 is the only show I cover till other summer shows return, PLL, Teen Wolf and True Blood. And after last weeks slow and a bit forced “Unity day” episode, “I Am Become death” strongly delivered with some strong character development and unresolved questions.

First let us cover the unanswered questions! This week the Arc story was kept quite with no signs of survival. Even though it’s a bullsh*t move it keeps me hanging on to the show.  What happened to Jaha, Kane and the others after Dianna cut the rescue ship of the Arc? No clue? Will the Arc crush to the ground no freaking idea!  On the other side there where no surviving sign of Dianna, Abby or anyone else who was taken with the rescue ship down to Earth.

Meanwhile the main drama was happening at the Grounders camp. After 6 episodes Murphy returned to the camp. He was tortured, bleeding and sick to his bones. Even though Bellamy wanted to kill him right away, Clarke stopped him! Wrong move! The Grounders infected Murphy with some blood fever virus which spread through contact. Clarke and others got quickly infected by the virus, raising panic at the camp.

So Clarke enlisted Octavia to go out and find Lincoln, and ask him for some medicine. She did some, but with no success. The virus is a pass through, a 24 hour flue who affects only the weaker people. Overall the flue is a diversion to weaken the camp so the Grounders can attack at first light.  Lincoln begs Octavia to go with him to the Mountain men camp(an other type of Grounders I assume), but she can’t leave her people to die. She tells him she is going to warn them but after that she will come with him.

Back at the camp panic rose as more and more teenagers got sick and the new information Octavia delivered weren’t helping at all. Bellamy, Monty, Raven and Jasper were preparing to fight the Grounders but knew it would be a lost fight.  Than Finn brought in a brilliant idea, blow up the bridge. Yes the bridge were the face off last week happened. Raven collected some fuels from the rescue ship crash side and constructed a bomb. Smart girl this Raven chick. The plan was the following, Finn would place the bomb on the bridge and Bellamy would activate it with a shot out of on of their guns.

But things couldn’t be that easy for our heroes as Bellamy showed signs of infection and Raven decided to go rouge  and detonate the bomb on her own. So Finn and Jasper went on a rescue mission to safe and help Raven. Eventually they reached the bridge just to see a sick Raven trying to light the bomb. Finn ran into the scene to rescue Raven, leaving Jasper to light the bomb. After he missed the first couple of shots Jasper went out of bullets, giving Monty enough time to come in with a new guna and 3 bullets/chances to light the bomb. The second shot was successful and Jasper destroyed the bridge and killed a couple of Grunders along the way.

It was nice to see Jasper and Monty to recconect at the end, as the were fighting the majority of the episode about Jasper getting coocky over killing those 2 grounders last week.

In the closing moments we got some shipper moments with Clarke and Bellamy connecting once more and teasing some hot sex mess. Raven and Finn brooke up, after she finally confessed herself he isn’t loving her the way she deserves.

And Octavia left Lincoln cause she couldn’t leave her brother and friends behind. He once more teased the super effective Mountain men who seem to be pretty dangerous. I’m really stunned by Octavia’s performance! She made the biggest evolution out of all he characters and Marie Avgeropoulus is nailing the role from top to bottom.

Things are certainly heating up with only 3 episodes left before an interesting season final. Let’s see how things will develop with the Grounders being more violent than ever and the destiny of the Arc people being anything but obvious.


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