The Vampire Diaries Review: Home is where your People are


It’s called Delivering!!!! And Vampire Diaries is one of these shows who always knows to deliver a season final. VD season finals are emotional, adventures and game changing. “Home” was probably the best Vampire Diaries season 5 episodes so let’s break it down.

After Stefan died Damon, Elena and Caroline switch into killer mode and started their quest to bring back Stefan. Pushed to the limits Caroline even killed Luke and so forced Liv to help them cast the Travler spell. Brutal Caroline! Remember that was the girl who couldn’t kill doppelganger Tom cause of being Caroline.

The idea is to mass murder some Travelers and open the way back to the living via Travler spell performed by Liv. Enzo even found a Traveler willing to help, no other than Silas. So now Bonnie has to take along Stefan, Enzo, Luke, Silas and Tyler. Yes Tyler! Markos as punishment for Julian’s betrayal killed both Julian and Tyler.

And while everyone was trying to save Stefan he was spending time with Lexi. You read well! Lexi aka Arielle Kembel is back for this outing of the Vampire Diaries. Lexi, besides wanting to find Alaric, was in full shipper mode. She is a Steroline shipper and we all loved it.

So now back to the big plan. Damon intends to blow up a bunch of Travelers with the help of a gas leak in the Mystic falls grill. The gas leak was caused by Matt and Jeremy who delivered some nice lines along the way.

Are we really going to blow up the only place whih is dumb enough to hire us?

But at least they(Matt and Jer) had a purpose. Meanwhile Sheriff Forbes was forced to stay at the grill, Markos orders. But she succeeded in stopping Markos for now at least.

After Bonnie tricked Silas to be sucked in by the Void, a beautiful scene between Bonnie and Gramms happened with Gramms telling us how pround she is and that she pulled some strings to keep Bonnie save, post other side destruction.

Of course the final was featuring some precious Delena moments. To trigger the gas leak Damon has to burn down the grill and he needs to do it. After he begged Elena to respect his choice she decided that he needs to respect her decision of joining him in his suicide mission. I think we all know that Delena is endgame, Stelena went away from the moment Elena turned, and it was nice to see Delena make a couple decision, even when it’s suicide. And they died but where on a trip to get back through Bonnie. Elena quickly found her body and wanted to wait for Damon but Alaric rushed her while she went to Bonnie.

One by one people started passing through Bonnie, making her and Liv sicker and weaker. Luke, Enzo, Tyler, Elena, Stefan and ALARIC were saved. Lexi in her last act of bravery stopped Markus from going back through Bonnie and sacrificed her in the process. It was a beautiful moment and Arielle needs a show of her own ASAP, cause she nailed Lexi.

Eventually Luke broke the spell and Damon wasn’t able to pass through Bonnie. After an epic Delena goodbye moment and Bonnie confessing Jeremy she won’t survive this/Kudos to Nina, Kat, Stephen & Kat, great performances/, Bonnie and Damon faced the destruction of the other side and were eaten up by a stunning white light ending season 5. I really enjoyed this last Bonnie/Damon moment it showed that they indeed have a connection, even though it’s mostly overplayed. As mentioned earlier Grams seemed to have arranged something for Bonnie but let’s seem what it is and how will it affect Damon.

ICYMI After coming back Tyler hugged Caroline and it felt different, so he realized he isn’t undead anymore he is just a wolf. Those this apply on the others? No clue!!!! But it would be funny to see immortal Caroline pine over human Stefan.

Vampire Diaries ended on a really high note. The final was emotional, driven and as every Vd cliffhanger left us hanging for more.



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