Reign Review: The Final Innocence

Slaughter of Innocence

Who would believe that season 1 of Reign is over ? And it went out with a bang! “Slaughter of Innocence” started slow but quickly heated up with Henry’s madness, Lola child birth, Kenna in danger and Greer’s broken heart.

The episode started with Henry’s madness boiling over and him hallucinating and killing a bunch of Innocent people. After making a move on Mary, she and Catherine come to a conclusion that Henry is after Mary and her crown. They started preparing a cue and Mary asked her Uncle for help to support Francis as the leader of the cue. But he persuaded she should be the leader of the cue and take control over France.

At a new event held by Henry Mary appeared in the Traditional English gown, proclaiming herself Queen of England. Henry stunned by the support Mary got from his people started to fear his position and intended to prove himself in a battle. But got knocked out, by no other than France. Henry suffered great injuries and DIED with Francis by his side. But in a clear moment before his demise Henry, confessed Francis that he killed his older brother. Afterwards a beautiful scene happened between Francis and Bash, the brothers hugged it out with no words spoken. Goose bombs covered my skin and I honestly felt the pain the brothers were feeling.

In a final moment between Mary and Francis, Mary opened up to Francis telling him she is afraid of the changes happened to her. Afraid  she us becoming a heartless ruler, Adelaide delivered once more a strong performance but that wasn’t the end. Eaten up by the guilt Francis was ready to confess his great sin to Mary but was interrupted by the message of Lola dying in child birth.

Mary confessed Francis the truth about Lola carrying his baby, she eventually even pushed him to go after her but changed her mind upon hearing the Plague infested France. But Francis had to do the right thing, he left the castle anyway inserting a wedge between him and Mary who lowered the gate behind after he left Francis.

Meanwhile far away from the court Kenna and Pascal were attacked by the Darkness. And even though I was scared for Kenna for a moment, fearing Pascal would kill her, Bash came and saved the day by killing the Darkness. But before killing him, it was unvailed that if Pascal wouldn’t succeed him as the Darkness, the Plague would come over France. At  the end Kenna shared a beautiful scene confessing their love to each other and witness a meteor rain happen over France announcing the arrival of the Plague.

Greer was treated great heartbreak in this final episode and I’m surprised I cared for her.. Leith came back and Francis fulfilled his promise making him a rich man. Leith thought this was enough to win over Greer but she sent him away, cause he wasn’t rich enough. A broken Leith begged Greer to carry first for herself and let herself go follow him and he future. But she couldn’t, Greer filled with tears sent him away. After the boat tragedy caused by Henry, Greer was  devastated but engaged in passionate kisses with Leith upon finding out he is alive. And just a moment of distraction was enough for Greer to clear her mind and sent Leith once more away.

Leith now devastated promised  himself and Greer he won’t persue her anymore and he won’t stop at being rich he will improve more and more. Eventually Leith found a new girl, Ivett, with whom he wanted  to have a bit fun but she walked away from him cause she was meeting an other man, her father. And her father is no other than Lord Castelroy, Greer’s fiancee.

I assume History obsessed TV watchers will have plenty remarks about the way Henry died, the Plague and other stuff, but it was a great final. It  pushed the story and charcters and the final set up stage for a perspective season 2. I’m totally looking forward to it.



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