The100 Review: Explosion on my Arc


I know I use the terms anticlimactic and underwhelming pretty often but they so simple explain how I feel about a show/development.  And The 100’s ninth episode, “Unity day”, is a perfect opportunity to use my 2 favorite previously mentioned terms.

I don’t know why it’s just so! The intensity got lost, the interactions & drama seemed bland and the cliffhangery ending was just not that moving.

Throughout the episode The100 & the people on the Arc are celebrating Unity day. The day 12 nations united into one big happy arc. But the celebration was anything but entertaining at least on the Arc. Diana set up a bomb to explode at Jaha’s speech killing Kane’s mother in the process. This is the 2nd time Kane got humanized and Henry Ian Cusick delivered once more. I really enjoy his portrayal of Kane even though I hate him most of the time, I dislike a lot of people most of the time so that isn’t anything unusal for me. Either way Diana’s process/plan was successful she departed with her people from the Arc and blasted the big secret into Jaha’s people face. Yes the one about not having enough ships to transport all the Arc people to the Earth.

Besides blowing out the secret and taking Abby along, the launch of the ship initiated the demise of the arc. As the launch was violent and messed up the oxygen system of the Arc. But Diana didn’t planned the landing of the ship so it exploded after hitting Earth, letting us wonder who survived the flight. Anticlimactic as said earlier.

The teen on Earth were live streaming Jaha’s speech and after that started to party as they only have 2 days left before the adults arrive on Earth, that is at least what they thought. Bellamy, Jasper & Clarke enjoyed the evening and got pretty drunk while Octavia sneaked out of the camp to meet her grounder, Lincoln (the ultimate hot, Ricky Whittle). But their hook up was interrupted by Finn who was searching for a solution for the Grounder problem. So he told Lincoln to arrange a meeting with their leader. Lincoln was first suspicious about it but agreed to make it happen but only with Clarke.

So Finn asked Clarke for help, and after some drunk negging she agreed to the meeting. But Clarke wouldn’t do it without back up so she assigned Bellamy keep her back safe with last weeks found guns.  Bellamy agreed to help her and took Jasper and Raven along.

The meeting between Clarke and Anja was really unfriendly and I completely get both sides. The 100 infiltrated the Grounders land and the missiles they launched upon Raven’s arrival burned down a complete village. So they decided to fight back. After going back and forward for some time with no progress, Jasper busted the meeting upon seeing armed warriors in the trees around the meeting place. The 100 killed 2 Grounders and Lincoln got hurt in the process, forcing the 2 lovebirds to depart. I’m clearly not a Lictavia shipper, it feels forced and shallow. Jasper in the process got his heart broken as well, he is still in something with Octavia.

The good thing here! BELLARKE development. These 2 buried the hatches and move forward towards hot steamy scenes I hope.

A not so interesting episode of the100 just ended and next week seems to be a filler as well cause all the 100 are going sick. The writers are with holding story progress cause of the episode count. I still hope we will get back to the story level of “Last Gleaming”.


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