The Originals Review: A Hopeful Original Reunion


Thank you Julie Plec! Thank you so much, thank you for creating The Originals! The season 1 final of  The Originals titled “From Cradle to Grave” was not only the best Originals episode to date it was the most brutal emotionally & physically one to.

The episo*e wasn’t sparing any time and we directly started with the delivery of the Mikaelson and Klaus arriving at the church. Klaus brutally ripped of 1 witches head, but was quickly neutralized by the other witches. Geneviuve quickly delivered the baby while Monique right after it slipped Hayley’s throat and made a run with the baby and the other witches. As announced the director of this episode was the one doing the Sanatorium ep and he knows his craft.

After some emotional moments between Klaus and Elijah beside Hayley’s bo*y the brothers decide to save the baby girl. They knew the witches were at the cemetery but the witches cast an illusion to hide themselves. But than the first game-changer of the episode happened with Hayley coming back as a Hybrid. The baby’s blood was drawing her and they succeed in finding her and the witches just moments before they sacrificed the baby . Klaus succeeded in killing the blond unimportant witch and Hayley neutralized Genevivue but they weren’t able to stop Monique who almost killed the baby but was stopped by Marcel who took the baby so he could safe his pack of Vampires. RIP Deveraux witches Julie wanted you gone since the pilot.

But it was to late, Klaus could only save Marcel but a bit later on that. Hayley and Elijah meanwhile overpowered Genevivue, and in her final moments it was revealed that Esther, the original witch/mother was behind it all. In a plan to save the baby from the constant witch and werewolf attacks decided to fake the baby’s dead. Fake it long enough to make New Orleans a safe place to raise her. Of course the baby couldn’t stay in the town so in a beautiful twist the 3 of them decide to give the baby to the only person who can protect her like they can, their sister Rebekah Mikaelson.

In the most beautiful scene Klaus ever had, he said goodbye to his baby girl, Hope Mikaelson. I’ve got goose bombs all over my body from the moment the Rebekah, Clair  Holt, appeared on my screen. I was thrown off by this beautiful twist. The way Klaus said goo*bye to his daughter was just beautiful, Kudos to the writers and Joseph on this brilliant performance.

And while we had to say goodbye to one Mikaelson we said to hello to other Mikaelson’s. After Davina witnessed what happened at the Mikaelson mansion and all her friends in danger. Cami took Davina and Marcel to the secret place Kieran was holding, there Marcel found the weapon to kill Monique and Davina the last ingredient for the resurrection spell. Davina empowered brought Mikael back from the dead and he first went after the sick Vampires and intended to kill Klaus right away. But he was stopped! By Davina. She bound Mikael to her so he would do only the things she wants. She locked him at the attic she was locked in. Davina looked so great while going all dominatrix on Mikael.

ICYMI Davina saved Josh and I hope he sticks around.

Cami shocked by the fact that little Mikaelson is dead went to Klaus. To say she is sorry, she felt guilty for not alerting people about Francesca earlier. Klaus was grateful but had to send Cami away. And it was beautiful. Her heart was breaking apart as he sent her away. I’m a complete Klamile shipper, they are great together.

And in the closing moments of season 1 the arrival of 2 more Mikaelson’s happened, as Esther occupied the body of the 4th harvest girl and took along Finn, freshly turned Afro-American. The war has just begun!!!!

Ta-da!!! The Originals’s season 1 ended with a great bang and fall is to far away for a supernatural freak like me.


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