Once Upon a Time Review: Remember where She belongs


What a great final! Once Upon a Time had me once more on the edge of my seat. “Snow Drifts” and “There Is No Place Like Home” were the perfect ending to Emma’s search for a Home.

The 2 hour final event starts with a flashback to a teenage Emma crying after a girl has been taken to a adoptive home. The look in teenage Emma’s desperate eyes was terribly painful. But we quickly move forward to present day Storybrooke, where The Charming family is looking over Little unnamed Charming prince and arranging a naming ceremony at Granny’s.

At the event a family face off happens, where Regina and Henry corner Emma about her intentions to leave Storybrooke. Emma escaped the party only to be followed by the lovely Hook. After a little heart to heart they notice Zelena’s curse starting to burn at the farm. The curse captures Emma and Hook follows without thinking twice.

Emma and Hook find them self in the Enchanted forest about 30 years back n time before Snow and Charming even met. On their road they witness Regna condeming a women to death if the people don’t deliver Snow White to her. Quickly after that we see Hook and Emma mess up the first meeting of her parents. It was great to see the joy on Emma’s face when she realizes she is witnessing that exact moment. But with her interference she messes it up and starts a snowslip of events.

First of Emma and Hook make a smart move and go after Rumplestilskin and ask for his help. Rumple was not that happy to see Hook and tried to kill him till Emma told him they came from the feature. Rumple agreed to help them travel back in time but the story mess they need to fix by themselves.

So Emma and Hook make a plan to use past time Hook and his Jolly Roger to trick Snow into stealing Charming’s ring. These scenes hands down were the most entertaining with Emma getting past times Hook drunk and our Hook jealously knocking himself out, after his past self made out with his lass.

With a little assistance of Rumple they attend the ball at Princess Abigail’s palace putting things almost right. Till the moment Emma got caught by Regina’s guards. I loved how careful Emma was about Regina and calling herself Princess Leia was just hilarious.
So with Emma being captured Hook gathered a team to save his princess. With the assistance of Snow, Charming and Red Hook “saved” Emma and the women Regina earlier intended to execute. But with OUAT there is always a but. Snow took her opportunity and tried to kill Regina with the dust she used to save Charming in “Snow Falls” (1×03). But Regina was to powerful and decieded to execute Snow the same night.

Red, Charming, Emma and Hook witnessed Regina burning Snow at the stake. In a moment of pure desperation our crew was residing in the forest and Emma realized she wouldn’t be there if Snow died. Then a Ladybug appeared and with Charming’s assistance we realized it was Snow who used a bit of the dust to escape from the stake. With the help of Blue she turned back to human form.

The morning just before our heroes are about to part ways Charming realizes Snow stole Charming’s ring again. This once more leads us to the events of “Snow Falls” (note to myself re watch Snow Falls) and the events at the Trole bridge. But this time Snow didn’t have the dust with her and was seemingly forced to run. But no. She comes back for Charming and fakes the dark dust with some ordinary sand. The Troles back down and the Iconic love story is back on track. And a tear fall down Emma’s face as she witnessed her parents fall in love.

Now Emma and Hook can focus on their travel back to Storybrooke. They also agree to take the woman Emma saved along cause she can’t go back to her life and change the past and what a change would that be. But a bit more on that later. At Rumple’s castle we find out Rumple doesn’t have the power to send them back. And for them not to mess with the past he puts them into his, let’s say cellar.

At the “caller” Hook tries to make Emma restart her magic and she does. Emma after seeing her mother die realized how much she loves her parents and that with them it’s the first time she felt at Home. At that moment the Black fairies wand glowed up white and opened the time travel portal. After Hook and the mystery women entered the portal, Rumple appeared and asked Emma what happened to Baelfire after they reunite. In one more moment of brilliance Jennifer gave us the performance of a lifetime and told Rumple Bae died.

But he forgave you and died as a her to save us all.

My heart was breaking rapidly just as the tear went down Emma’s cheek. Rumple took the forgetting potion and continued his previous plan, find Bae.

Back at Storybrook Emma reunited with her Snow and Charming and called them Mom and Dad for the very first time and told them she is finally home. Then one more beautiful moment happened as Snow and David announced their Baby will be named Neal, after the Hero who saved them all.

And the final wasn’t over yet! Emma and Killian had one more moment. Emma asked Hook how he reached New York and he told her he exchanged his ship the Jolly Roger for a magic bean so he could find her. And than it happened a real Captain Swan kiss. Emma realized all the love Hook has for her and just gave it back. She felt save and loved.

But not even that would last, as finally the identity of the mystery women is revealed it’s Lady Marian. Yes the love of Robin Hood’s life. Once more Regina has to suffer cause of the things other people and Emma being Snow’s daughter isn’t really helping. I love his twist. Regina wasn’t a major role in this final but this sets up a completely new challenge for Regina. Continue to be a Hero, not kill Emma or Marian or hurt anyone in the process of winning Robin for herself.

ICYMI Rumple and Belle got married in a beautiful ceremony but the Vows were just repeating of what they are telling us over the curse of these 3 seasons. It was a beautiful ceremony but some how underwhelming.

ICYMI2&§ Emma’s Lion King one liner about the Naming Ceremony was just great still LMFAO. Grumpy speaking about Aurora giving birth and almost changing Monkey dippers was hilarious as well.

Glad to be back: We got a lot of comeback but RuBy/Red being back was a real delight I hope she sticks around .

In the closing moments we see that Emma took something more to Storybrook, the Snow Queen. Yes the one from the new Disney movie Frozen. My suggestion let Elisabeth Mitchell play her(Revolution just got cancelled).

No matter that it was a amazing, epic, over the top emotional final and this will be a tough summer hiatus.



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