The Vampire Diaries Review: Stop having high Expectaions


Stop havng high expectations!!!!! Yes I expected huge things from this Vd episode, but “Promised Land” just didn’t captivate me.

Break it down. Stefan and Elena were held in captivity for 4 whole days by the Travelers. The Travelers needed as much of their blood as they could get. But to our surprise they were rescued by Maria, Julien’s wife (Julien is the guy passengering in Tyler’s body). Stefan and Elena started to run away back to MF and engaged in a deep conversation. Stefan told Elena how miserable she and Damon are without each other and that they are meant to be together. Bla bla bla. I mean okay, I get Stefan being the decent guy but enough is enough don’t push it so much we get it. After making mocking a bit about Caroline and her positivity and needness, Stelena succeeded in hichhicking a car. And it was no other than Maria.

Maria wanted her husband back and agreed to take Stelena to MF. But things weren’t going that well for the group as Luke and Live preassured by their coven went to kill the last Doppelgangers. They blasted heir car, killed Maria in the process, and just a moment before killing Elena, The Travelers spell started to work and MF was drained out magic. This forced Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Carolne out of town.  And while waiting for Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline encountered Tulien who was looking for his wife. After confessing Maria’s death to him he went on a rampage and ripped Stefan’s heart out of his chest.

ANTICLIMACTIC!!! I foresaw Stefan dying a few episodes ago, and I hoped it would be more meaningful. But overall the moment when Stefan went to Bonnie and passed through was really strong but besides that ordinary. Maybe next weeks Delena reaction to Stefan’s death will be more just more.

But besides this some other things happened all around Mystic Falls. Damon was provocing Markos in an attempt to rescue Stefan and Elena and later in an attempt to kill him. But Markos besides acting like a Klaus rip-off was quite funny overall as he made plans to invade the Salvatore mansion.In an attempt to kill Markos Damon even released Tulien, who later killed Stefan, but even that was unsuccessful. Later they escaped with the other Vampire residents.

In between all these events Enzo and Bonnie had to face the impending cancellation. And they were entertaining and at the end came to a plan but needed Maria from the other side to help them perform the resurrection spell that brought Markos back. But the windy void took Maria and ruined their plan. So I assume a Traveler will stop by in the final(I assume Nadia could stop by from the other side).

So the episode was s nananan, I really don’t know what is coming but I assume Stefan and Bonnie will somehow comeback from the dead but with what consequences?

The writers promised 3 permanents deaths and my guess are Tyler, Sheriff Forbes and I don’t have a clue.

The preview indicates that Mystic falls will probably be a goner as Damon and Elena decide to blow it up.


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