Reign Review : Imposters

Long Live the King

Overall underwhelming! “Long Live the King” was Reign’s pneultimate season 1 episode and honestly it didn’t delivered.

Henry’s psychological issues got worse and his moves as irrational as they could be. After Francis comes back from war, Henry’s was getzing more delusional than ever and made new drastic moves as he started plotting against England and proclaim Mary as King of Englad. And while Francis was convinced he could still save his father Catherine made it clear to Mary that there is no coming back for Henry.

Prior to this Mary attempted to make peace with England and her cousin Elisabeth. She decieded to send her a letter calling on peace. Before seding the Duke of Guise read and in an impactful speech he enlightened the bit naive Mary that she can’t show weakness to anyone. And calling on peace would only put her, Scotland and France in a bad position.

Back to the Henry! While Mary and Catherine were plotting how to poison Henry at his Sunday morning comunion, Francis spent time with his father. The 2 of them bound for the first time on screen and Alan Van Sprang killed it as he told Francis the story about how his father traded him and his brother for his freedom. Eventually Francis got to Henry and put him into a good place and apparently slowed down on his attempt to conquer England. And here it’s getting complicated.

Catherine called off the attempt on Henry’s life but The Duke of Guise arranged a new one. This was part of The Dukes plan so he could get into Henry’s good grace. It was great to see how Gil Daniel worked on The Dukes character and even when he doesn’t say much his eyes, posture, body language are speking tales.

In on more brilliat scene by Alan we saw a bit schizophrenic King Henry talkbto himself and came to the conclusion that Francis was right, he has a lot to do in France before he moves on to England and first on his list murder Francis and marry his wife.

Lola had an Imposter sleeping right in her bed. The story about Julien was quite ridiculous. I mean in that time that type of cons were probably possible but the coincidences were just an easy fix. Julie wasn’t Julien he is Renee, Julien’s prime secretar. After Juliem burned to death Renee took his place in a wish to have a good life with Julien’s title ad money.

But things got messy when Julien’s real life uncle appeared and was about uncover the web of lies Renee spread. Lola infatuated by the lov se felt for Julien/Renee agreed to help him. But Julien’s Uncle wasn’t that easy to trick and till that point the story was okay. But the writers decided to let Lola accidentlly kill th Uncle and mastermind a plan in les than 40 seconds on how to mask all the mess Julien made and send Lola back to the french court.

And the 3rd and probably most intruiging storyline was going on between Kenna, Bash and Pascal. While searching for te Darkness in the woods Bash encounters a scared little boy who was apparently hiding from the Darkness. He brought him back to the court where the scared boy bound with Kenna. She begged Bash to let go of the Darkness and take her away from the court. The chemistry between Kenna and Bash is glowing and their goodbye scene was just amazing. I believed them every single word. But why goodbye!? Yep the little boy, Pascal sent Bash after the Darkness while he and Kenna were traveling to Benna’s new home. At the ed it was revealed that Bash killed Pascal’s father and apparently the kid is after some revenge.

The episode set up some solid possibilities for the season final but somehow I missed the amazing sparks and perfect face to face moments I’m used by Reign.


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