The 100 Review: Killing Bellamy Blake


“A Day Trip” was another solid The100 episode featuring a lot of development.

The 100 and The Arc are completely connected and making plans for the arrival of the Arc people and with winter approaching the Arc gave them instructions to find shelter for the rough times. So Clarke and Bellamy go on a mission to find the shelter but nothing comes easy on Earth. Dex, a fellow Hundred, instead of “skyping” with his mother talked to the guy who arranged Bellamy to kill Jaha. So Dex was put on a mission to kill Bellamy so he wouldn’t spill the secret.

Very fast Clarke and Bellamy found the shelter but weren’t that much disappointed that it wasn’t survivable, cause they found guns and other arsenal. It was funny to watch Clarke being so infatuated after shooting out of one. But besides that it was great to watch Clarke and Bellamy connect, even though he was plannng to escape from the camp. And then some wicked stuff happened as Bellamy and Clarke started to halucinate.

Bellamy had visions of Jaha and the people he killed while Clarke was seeing her dad. After some emotional scenes Dex appears and a battle starts with Dex being the only fatality, of course.

Not only them were halucinating the whole camp was cause of some nuts apparently. Monty and Jasper were hilarious in their halucinations and really nailed the crazy act.

Raven meanwhile was dying of jealousy and Octavia’s comments weren’t helpfull at all. So she decieded he best way to get on the good side of your cheating boyfriend is banging the other girl of him. Finn was first recultant but gave in to his still girl friend.

Have you met Lincoln? Octavia has! Octavia’s bound to the hot grounder was growing and they finally exchanged words. Yes the grounders can speak and he looks preety hot while doing it. Octavia made a plan and used the magical nuts to help Lincoln escape. But before leaving he gave her a smooch ob the lips leaving the poor teen paralyzed.

The pace of the story is so great and I’m engaged with every character even with the new bitchy counselor women, Diana. And while all other shows will end next week, The100 is just heating up with 4 more episodes left before the season final.


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