Arrow Review: All I Need Is One Shot


If I didn’t knew better I would say “Streets on Fire” were the Arrow season final. It had everything emotions, action and heartbreaking moments.

We continue right were the last episode left of with Diggle facing Ravanger, Thea getting attacked by the Slader, Oliver and Laurel trapped under stones. After Felicity ran over Isabel aka the Ravanger and saved Diggle’s life she and Diggle reunited with Laurel and Oliver. Kudos to Diggle on how he fought Isabel, impressive. Felicity tells us that Cisco and Caitlin have developed a antidote for the Mirakuru and “our core” trio goes after it only to be trapped by a bunch of Slader’s. I never liked the term core trio but Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are the core of this show and I just want to dig deeper into their characters.

In an explosive encounter our group escaped the ambush but was to late to get the antidote. Back at the clock tower( so Smallville alike ) Diggle went to bring back Roy and let the hearts of Olicity shippers skip a couple of beats. In a real emotional speech Felicity once more took Oliver from his dark place and convinced him he is indeed a hero not a murderer and that if he keeps fighting he will honor all the people that died on his path to become tha hero.

Eventually they get a call from Sebastian Blood who stool the antidote from Slade after he betrayed him. He gave Oliver the cure in an attempt t save the city he loves, but he’s bound to face his maker as the Ravager pulled 2 swords through him.

Oliver had the antidote but couldn’t use it on Roy. He was to affraid to use it, but eventually wemt through with it. Why you ask? Amanda Waller went all Bye Bye Starling city and surrounded the city not letting anyone leave the city. Oliver didn’t see an other way to save the city than to start using the Mirakuru antidote cause he had time till dawn.

Laurel meanwhile encountered The Canary aka Sara. Right of she recognizes her sister and the sisters really bound for the first time since they are on the show. Cause there are no secrets between them. Not anymore.

For the real emotional moments of the episode we were treated with some Merlin family drama. After Merlin came back to the city he saved Thea from the Slader and started an emotional discussion with his daughter. You really need to love/hate Josh Barrowman and his portrayal of The Dark Archer. He believing so much in his convictions and decisions. And their story ended with a cliffhanger after Thea picked up a gun and shot twice out of it.

Back on the Island: Oliver went after Sara to the frighter. After saving her he couldn’t just leave Slade behind. He needed to try heal Slade with the antidote.

This episode was entertaiment pure and confirmed once more why I love v shows much more than films. The whole season was building up toward next week season final. And action wise next weeks final looks better than last years with Nyssa, Deathshot and many others reappearing. But I’m sure they won’t let us down emotionally. Next week seems to far away


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