The Originals Review: Pushing Boundries


“The Battle of New Orleans” was an intense, emotional and storyline wise a strong outing. And the season final seems to far away!

I will begin the review with my favorite story of the evening CAMI! I never heard of Leah Rimes before The Originals happened and I’m sad because she is amazing. Her portrayal of Cami is strong intense and emotional. At father Kieran’s layer she discovered that Francesca isn’t human she is a wolf as well a Guarrera wolf, a bit later on that. Even though Cami didn’t do much here but I just hope she becomes a slayer.

Meanwhile the main plot seemed to be revolving around Marcel’s new plan. I mean it wasn’t a plan it was a some sort of a strategy. He kidnapped Jackson and Oliver and took the stones Geneviuve needs to perform the spell for the moonlight ring. After a rough beating Jackson pledged to tell about his alliance to Klaus if Marcel let’s Oliver go. Jackson eventually got rescued by Klaus and Elijah. Eventually the fight against Marcel was pushed to the backside as most of the Vamps got killed by Elijah and The guarrera Vampires.

Upon returning to the quarter we got threated to another Haylijah kiss, after she told Elijah she was engaged/promissed to Jackson.

Quick after it Franceca brought the stones to Klaus. Geneviuve casted the spell but gave the moonlight stones to Francesca and her brothers and Oliver. Previously she linked the stones to Klaus and now he suffers insane pain when a Guarrera wolf turns off their transformation. This way Peta Sergeant this way either booked a season2 series regular spot or signed her death sentence.

The Witches took Hayley who directly went into Labor and the fate of the Unborn Original Baby is unknown and Klaus is pretty much hurt.

ICYMI Josh got bitten by Klaus as a punishment for Davina and her cloaking Marcel. Davina frustrated by Klaus actions agreed to help Mikael come back from the dead.

The preview for next week is really not telling anything special except that the baby will be born, the fate of her is still unknown. And a mysterious character named Vnxen is bound to appear.


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