Once Upon a Time Review: Made from Dust to Dust will return


In a suprisingly eventful episode titled “Kansas”, all hell break lose in Storybrooke and we got told a new version of the Oz tale, that many of us adore. Let’s break the episode down by timelines/storylines.

In Oz quite a time ago:
After returning from the Enchanted forest as told in “It’s not easy being Green”, Zelena overtook The Wizard’s place as ruller of Oz and was enviously watching over her sister in the Enchanted forest. Until one day Glinda entered her world and introduced herself as one of OZ’s protectors and invited Zelena to follow her and her follow witches East and Nord and so protect Oz together.

Zelena accepted and her green skin tone changed back to normal as she embrassed her life and love towards the things that made her happy. And everythng was fine till a new Cyclone brang a innocent girl to Oz, her name was Dorothy Gale.

Introducing Dorothy in such a sloppy way isn’t my favorite thing that happened this season but still Rapunzel is the most useless introduction his season. According to a prophecy a girl transported o Oz via Cyclone will save Oz from the greatest evil ever. And here is the twisty part and I loved it so much no one knows if it was Zelena or Dorothy. Zelena was once again envious of all the affection Dorothy got from the other witches so she started making plans to elimnate Dorothy.

Overall Zelena was portrayed very smart, she showed a lot of respect when instead of simply killing Dorothy she set her a trap and Dorothy easily fall through the Rabit whole. Zelena “attacked” Dorothy and got sprayed with water. Zelena desolved infront of Dorothy. A scared Dorothy called for Glinda who took the little girl to the Wizard. The Great and Terrible Wizard gifted Dorothy with the Silver slippers so she could travel back home and never come back, cause as we all know “There is no place like home”.

Eventually it was shown that it all was a plan made by Zelena to get rid of Dorothy the girl who could defeat her and get ready to prepare her time traveling spell.

So I’m stuck with 2 big loopholes:
1. How did Zelena transport Glinda to the Enchanted forest and how did Zelena get there?

2. And how did they didn’t age a day while 28 years passed from the time the curse was cast plus some yyears between Regina cast the curse!?

Except of these 2 issues which I hope will be revealed along the way, I’m quite happy withe the way the used the Oz tale to push Zelena forward. And I think adult Dorothy will have a bigger contribution to the story later on, cause of the Silver slippers she has in her possesion.

Storybrooke Present Time:
Things started to heat up as Snow went into labor and while Regina and Emma were baby proving the hospital room with light magic, Zelena converted Rumple’s gold straws into his wisdom.

Emma was tired of waiting so she hunt down Zelena and Rumple followed by Hook. I mean how stupid is to take along the only person who can take away your magic? Very stupid!!! Zelena drown Hook to unconsiousness forcing Emma to use mouth to mouth taking away her magic. Stupid!

Even more stupid, Zelena left the alive! Why?!?!?!?!!? When you are so much more powerful just kill them! That would do every sain Villian, at least. So with Emma out of the way Zelena easily defeats the hospital army and Regina and abducts Little Baby Boy Charming from his parents. Oh yes it’s a boy! Spoliler Alert! LoL!

While Zelena starts to conduct her time travel spell, the “Good guys” realize that Regina aswell has good magic within her and can stop Zelena. At the barn where Zelena and Rumple are casting the spell the Charmings, Regina and Robin appear. After a quick fight Robin was able to take Regina’s heart and wake good magic in her letting her easily defeat Zelena. A bit anticlimactic if you ask me.

But the good part is yet to come, after Zelena got defeated Rumple attempted to kill her but was stopped by Regina. She decided to give her sister 1 more chance like the Charming crew give her. And let her change. I seriously believe Zelena would try to be happy with her 2nd chance and that Regina came through while talking to her. But apparently Rumple can’t forgive like Regina does and I really believe his scars are to deep to let Zelena alive. So he tricked Belle, who got the dagger from Regina, and gave her a fake copy of the Dark One controlling dagger, while e took the real deal and converted Zelena to dust. And seemingly her dust with the help of her pendant still activated the time travel spell ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

ICYMI Rumple proposed to Belle! Yes he proposed marriage but before he betrayed her, just to be clear.

ICYMI 2 Emma is still powerless and fully intends to leave Storybrooke and go back to New York with Henry. He for sure will disagree cause he was already searching apartments in Storybrooke for him and his mom.

I would never guess that Zelena would already die this week with the 2 hour final happening next sunday.

According to the preview Emma and Hook will fall nto the time travel portal and take a trip to the begging of the Snow-Charming story. Maybe this will teach Emma how much her parents for their love and herself.

With no spoilers going around next weeks season final will be a blast to watch and the final minutes will reveal where are we headed foe season 4!


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