The100 Review: Someone To Blame


It’s hard to believe that we already past the halfmark on The100’s freshman season but still we are 6 episodes away from closing season 1 and episode 7 “Contend Under Preassure” set up things for a great 2nd half.

On the Arc: Abby’s head was on a chopping block, she was removed from the counsel and would’ve been floated if there weren’t her medical skills. The atmosphere on the Arc was bad after the cancelation of 300 people who volunteered so the rest of the people on the Arc were save. And it seems like their sacrifice was not the salvation the Arc needed but later on that.

After Raven suceeded in contactng the Arc people on the Arc started to go against the counsel. And it was logical cause they felt betrayed, 300 of their loved people had to die and it was all a lie.

The hardest time of our Arc characters was the Jaha himself, after Clarke told him that Well’s died he was broken. And the introduction of Diana, the previous Chancellor, wasn’t helping at all. Diana was after Abby’s seat at the Counsel table. Diana is a shady character and I really hope she will stick around.

Back to Jaha, after Markos Kane(Henry Ian Cusick) had a bad moment and felt really bad for pushing on his decision to kill those 300 people Jaha needed to step up a lot. In Jaha’s ( Isaah Washington) most emotional scenes he convinced the people on he Arc that he will do whatever is in his power to save them all and send them down to earth. It was beautiful how easy it was for Isaah to use that pain Jaha felt after loosing his son. He promised to help the people and that he won’t lie to them. I doubt the transfer will happen before season end, but the big reveal of the night was that on the Arc are more than 2000 people but there are space ships for only 700 of them. Bugger!!! So much about that honesty.

On Earth: A storm was blasting all over the100’s camp. We continue right were we left of in 1×06. An injured Finn reached the camp withe the help of Bellamy and Jasper. Raven in panic had to push herself a lot to make the radio work and connect to the Arc. She quickly was successful and Clarke with the help of Abby was able to remove the dagger in his cheast without causing more damage. Everything seemed to work to well for Clarke and Raven till they realized Finn was poisoned. This brings us to the other ongoing storyline, the GROUNDER!

After bringing Finn to the camp, Bellamy went to the Grounder’s layer and brought back the guy who abducted Octavia. Bellamy decieded to torture him so he would reveal him the secrets of the Grounders. The issue was no one knew if he knew English at all. Octavia was completely against it, she knew he was protecting and that the other grounders would do terrible things t her if they caught her before him. Bellamy was going easy on him and Clarke was against the torture but when he wouldn’t reveal which of his mixtures could heal Finn they let there inhibitions go. Octavia, suddenly the moral highground of our main characters, was trying to stop to ravish attacks on her grounder friend.

I must say, I love Marie and her portrayal of Octavia is great on so many levels. Eventually she was the one who stepped up aka stabbed herself with the poisoness dagger forcing the Grounder to reveal which of his mixtures is medicine.

ICYMI Ricky Whittle aka the Grounder is really hot The Tatoos, his abs, his eyes just perfection. I would love to lock like he does.

MIA Jasper and Monty were nowhere to be found, neither Kelly Hu who was suppossed to play a key character on the Arc.

Things on Earth and Arc are going really strong and intense. And with more and more Grounders to be introduced things will be burning on ground. Next week is to far away.


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