The Vampire Diaries Review: We have a Problem


“What Lies Beneath” as VD’s 20th outing had some old Vampire Diaries flow. With secrets, emotional tension and mystery lingering over our favorite Vamps, Witches and other.

The episode starts with Tyler waking up out of a dream by a sexy curly Traveler chick, who slept with him while Julien, the traveler was taking control. After Traveler chick spilled the Traveler agenda to Tyler he started to turn and ran to the Salvatores to share.

Before busting into the Salvatore mansion, tension were rising in the manor while Luke was searching for Enzo on Damon’s motion. All this was put on hold when our main crew decieded to runaway to a cabin, Caroline’s dad father cabin. Upon arriving there we see Enzo lingering around our main characters.

And while Stefan and Elena were sharing about Enzo’s death, Caroline got suspicious about them trying to hook up again. And while it was really entertaining to see Caroline obsessing about Stelena, Damon quickly got to the conclusion that Enzo is the matter that connects Stelena.

After an entertaining game of “Never have I ever” things got even more awkward in the cabin. Elena decieded to take a bath and Enzo saw his opportunity to kill Elena aka drown her so he can kill her plenty more.

It was brilliant to see Enzo manipulate the game from the other side and abducting Luke and unCloak the doppelgangers was a powerful move.

Thing culminated when Damon and Stefan found Luke, but it was a trap set by mastermind Enzo who lit the wood storage up the moment The Salvatores steped in. Enzo backed down from his revenge when Damon promissed to resurrect him and Maggie. Let’s see how Damon will manage this.

At the end we got 2 great scenes, one for the Steroline shippers and an other fo Delena shippers. And honestly I become Delena fan for a minute, Damon’s confession about restraining himself completely so he wouldn’t be the killer everyone assumed he would be. But how long will this last? No clue! But we got one more Delena kiss and probably the best one since 3×19. On the other hand my Steroline heart skipped a beat when Stefan told Caroline he hid from her Enzo’s death cause he wouldn’t want Caroline to think any less of him.

Eventually Markos found the doppelgangers and kidnapped both of them. Markos showed a bit different side of him with yelling at Maria and being a greater Villian than expected.

Meanwhile the League of the Unimportant characters was in action again. After Tyler returned, Matt and Jeremy went all S&M on Julien/Tyler they got some answeres from him. Julien sent Jeremy and Bonnie on a hunt for his body cause that is the only think they could use as leverage against him. In the body celler Maria, Julien’s wife and other Travelers took over control and moved Julien’s body. Eventually Julien took completely over Tyler’s body. I appreciate Michael Trevino act up a other side of him, he managed to portray 2 very different characters as Julien and Tyler. Overall it will be interesting to see our crew force Julien out of Tyler’s body. But how? We don’t have the Traveler knife anymore!?

Storywise maybe one of the best VD episodes of the season. I quite enjoyed it! And with spoilers indicating that Stefan will die next week all shipper hell will break lose till the final.


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