The Originals: Sins of a Father


I really waited long for this episode to happen!! Every episode featuring Papa Original is a win and “A Closer walk with Thee” didn’t let me down not even for a minute.

The episode continues where we left of last week. Father Kieran’s wake is in progress and the first one was just a halucinatiom. Klaus dreamed how his late father stabbed him but before that his new born child was in the coffin instead. A very creepy episode pushing hings in a new direction.

At Kieran’s real wake Klaus and Elijah together realized that their father is appearing to them and assume that the witches are behind it. And after Geneviuve gossips a bit around and Klaus talks to Bonnie over phone we get to the realization that the other side is falling apart.

Cami battled through her pain and after a confrontation with Francesca she had a blew of with Marcel aswell. It was all about the missing KEY. The scene between Cami and Francesca was powerful, entertaining and pushing. We see leadership quality in both. Cami’s story is moving in the right direction and with the key being a weapon against the supernatural Cami could turn into a New Orleans Buffy and I wouldn’t mind.

Hayley on the other hand was on a mission to find out who bombed the bayou. This let her to Francesca as well. Francesca played by the fabolous Peta Sergeant is a percet pawn to this master game of chees. Her interaction with every single character is just on point great. But Francesca didn’t had Hayley on her rather, Monique did. Monique persued the message of her ancestors and cast a spell on Hayley. The spell almost killed Hayley and sent her to the other side facing Mikael. Hayley was quite kickass here and thought Mikael some lessons about parenthood. Eventually Geneviuve healed her, letting Hayley comeback to our world and move back to Klaus and Elijah.

Geneviuve afterwards held Monique a lesson that the baby will be kept alive till it’s born. Geneviuve later someoned the ancestors and got hurt for wanting to spare the baby and the Witches won’t tolerate that.

In meaningful flashbacks we see how Klaus turned Marcel and a present time confrontation between Klaus and his protege happened. And afterwards I finally appreciate their rivalry or whatever that is. Let th final battle happen.

Elijah was quite on the outside this week and besides worrying about Hayley he didn’t had any impact on the episode. But that it finaly happened a HAYLAIJAH KISS. It was passionate, full of emotioness and hot like we all knew it would be.

The episode ended on some sort of cliffhanger with Mikael telling Davina that he will help her kill Klaus but first she needs to comeback. Sebastian Roche was a great Original father once more BUT the writers knocked themselv out here. A couple of weeks ago it was spring break at Whitmore and that would mean it’s around April/May there. But Hayley got pregnant in March last year so she would have her child around New Year. And she is still pregnant. Timeline issues!!!!!!

Neverthan less a great episode of The Originals and with the option of Mikael coming back the season final seems more appealing than ever.


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