Reign Review: Ur a Queen, don’t Beg!


“Ur a Queen, don’t Beg!, what an powerful sentence and it was brilliantly used in Reign’s newest episode, “Higher ground”.

In the wake of previous events, Mary asked Catherine for money to help her mother, Marie de Guise, prevail the crissis in Scotland aka the Protestants wanting her head on a chop block. After Catherine rejected her Mary decided to go to extreme lenghts and arranged one of her Uncle’s people, Johnto abduct the money she needs from Catherine. After a rough start with Mary, John was going into action.

After a funny scene in the confession room, Catherine’s priest got killed and she abducted by John. Ultimately Catherine right away saw through John and who sent him. So she offered to double the money John was offered.

While Catherine was abducted, Mary intended to force money out of visiting Medici family members. But she found the wrong people to ask money for, Corteza de Medici was everything but cooperative. Mary once more faced of John and agreed to a deal to set up someone and take double the money Mary offered. Mary had to accept and delivered Corteza’s head and obtained the money she really need. Eventually everything fall into place, but Catherine was still suspicious of Mary.

At the very end of the episode Mary and John reunited and she asigned him to transfer the stolen money to her mother. Of course with the help of Corteza’s people who now work for Mary, Queen of Scots.

Meanwhile Francis was on a mission to recooperate Castial. It’s funny the writers choose this plot for Francis. History Francis was a sick little kid really not able to fight. But okay the story was pleasing and forthcoming for Francis character as a ruller. On his victory road Francis encountered Leith, the boy Greer once loved.

Mary’s ladies in waiting weren’t waiting so much anymore. And Lola was back on our focus as Julien was shady as ever. Lola’s daulery arrieved and she was getting more and more insecure of him and with her pregnancy becoming a bit unstable her worries rose. But Lola wasn’t alone Greer and Kenna were by her side and she really needed them. Bash in favor of Kenna snooped a bit around Julien’s past and found out he wasn’t whealthy as we all thought. He was to good to be true.

Lola pledged him to be honest and that she doesn’t need much to love him but he couldn’t do it. This sensitive, gracil interaction really makes me love these 2 together. At the end he confessed Lola the truth and in Anna’s strongest scene to date I connected and fall in love with Lolien. But I doubt everything will go smoothly for them till season final.

It was a slower Reign episode than I’m used to but still I expect a strong season final with Mary finally transitioning between Princess and Queen, Francis returning and Henry spinning further out of control.


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