Arrow Review: Obligations to the People we Love


After the most emotional Arrow episode to date, I had high expectations for “City of Blood” and I have mixed feelings about it.

Flashbacks to the Island: We see Oliver, Sara and Antonio try to fix the sub where they find the Mirakuru in the first place. They decieded to launch a human missle and so destroy Slade’s ship. Things seem to went fine but Sara seems to got kidnapped by Slade.

Present Time: The episode starts with Moira Queens funeral. The big thing is no sign of Oliver. Oliver ones more disappeared just like when Tommy died.  In this time Thea was holding up strong, but very pissed at her brother and honestly with reason. And with all hell happening around her Isobel Rochev cameback and asked for her to clear out Verdant.

Felicity and Diggle very pretty desperate with no sign of Oliver anywhere. So desperate that they seeked out Amanda Waller for help. It was a nice move to reintroduce her and connect to Oliver’s story. And Amanda found him, at his second layer. Yes you heard right Oliver has one more layer. A place set as a second location for Team Arrow but currently a place for him to be vulnerable.

In an emotional scene between Oliver, Diggle and Felicity my heart was falling apart. Oliver was so deeply damaged and who would’t be. His father killed himself so he could survive and his mother was killed cause of his decisions. He ultimately decieded to sacrifice himself to Slade and die.

This pushed us into a new emotinal moment between Oliver and Thea. She decided to leave town and he was on her side. She should leave and keep her pure honest heart in one piece and don’t let the sins of their family destroy her.

Oliver arranged a meeting at the pier with Isobel. That was interrupted by an arrow with sleeping poison and to all our surprise it was Laurel. She reached out to Diggle and Felicity after finding out Sebastian was working with Slade she turned to Oliver. Laurel begged Oliver to stay alive to not kill himself and proved him that this is so much bigger than him and Slade and that the whole city is in danger. Laurel’s performance at the begginig of the scene wasn’t that convincing cause of that peeping sound in her voice but further more she. Convinced us in her connection to Oliver. This was a gamechanger and a mission against Sebastian Blood started.

Oliver met up with Sebastian and in a poisoness confrontation made them both emerge to the showdown to the streets of Starling. Felicity and Dighle meanwhile interrogated Sebastian’s partner and in the funniest scene of tonight Felicity proved once more she is a sunshine of her own.

The episode ended with Slade’s army all over the city and all of our friends in Danger. Oliver and Laurel trapped by a bunch of Mirakuru guys, Diggle facing Isobel Rochev’s new alter ego, the Ravanger, Quentin attacked at the police station and Thea in danger at the train station.

ICYMI 1 &2 Felicity dropped one more clue about her mother. She is a Las Vegas strip club waitress. And Cisco called her in the closing moments probably telling her the cure is ready for use.

This was a great set up for the next 2 final episodes and I can’t wait for all hell to break lose once more. And the return of Nyssa, Sara and Malcolm should bring a huge blast to it.


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