Once Upon a Time Review: Not so curious anymore


The one thing I hate the most is when a episode let’s me down. Like a slap on my face OUAT latest outing, “A Curious Thing”, woke me up from my curse and just left a Meehh feeling behind.

Storybrooke Present Time: This time I will break down first Storybrooke events as they weren’t such a let down. After smooching up with Robin, Regina goes to meet the Charmings and Emma to work o their strategy against Zelena. The question about why Zelena cast the curse raised and no one had a real answer. So our gang knew they had to finally break the curse so they could remember the year before. And the only way to do it, bring Henry’s memories back.

And the Key to Henry’s memories or better said to let him believe is the story book. After a quick search for the book a search for Henry start, cause he attempted to leave Stroybrooke and force his mother to leave with him.

Along the way he encountered Killian ones aka Capt. Hook. Hook scared to death by Zelena’s threat agreed with Henry that is time for him to leave Storybrooke. To prevent this Zelena sent a flot of flying monkeys and a fight errupted with Killian killing 2 monkeys.

Than Emma, Regina and the Charmings appeared to rescue the lost boys. A upset Henry had a deep talk with Mom Emma who pushed him to believe. It was a great moment between these two and showed how much they believe each other. Henry’s memories were back and Zelena made a great appearence. She teleported Henry to herself and tried to force Emma to kiss Hook. But Emma finally powered up and burned Zelena sending her away. This was so anticlimactic. I hoped Emma would be really empowered but noup it was just so ordinary and why would Zelena back down so easily. But okay let’s pass it.

At the end Regina gives Henry a kiss and breakes the memory curse. Once more a great scene between mother and son. You really feel how deep they care for each other. And a mature Henry is so much more funny to watch. Let’s see on which journey his vharacter will embark now. Regina and Henry reconnect and walk into he sunshine with Robin Hood.

The only unHappy person last night was Hook. After Zelena outed him infront of the gang he got shunt and proclaimed untrustworthy. But even her we got a great moment and realized how close Emma and Hook became. She called him Killian, this are tidbits but work perfectly into their relationship and story.

At the end of the episode Snow went into Labor.

In the Encahnted forest preCurse: Snow and Charming were preparing themself to announce their pregnancy. And Regina was breathing behind their neck telling them it’s a stupid idea. Then Belle appears and tells our crew what happened to Neal and Rumple back in “Quite Minds”. After Aurora and Philip tell the truth about Zelena already pimping them for their child, the wicked witch makes a flying appearence and turns Princ and Princess into flying monkeys. Zelena paralyzes the rest of the crew and promisses Snow she will come for her child as soon as it’s born.

Panic rose between the Royals and they tried to come up with a plan. Eventually they turned to Rumple but first they had to break into his castle. Rumple tells them about Glinda who is banned at the edge of the Dark Forest.

Snow, Charming and Regina reach Glinda and finaly got some ntel on the wicked witch. Zelena’s power is concentrated in her pendant and if a great for of white magic read Emma confronts her she will be able to take it from her and defeat her. And now comes the bad part!

The Charmings decied to cast the Dark curse and transport them to Storybrooke. And David decieds to sacrifice himself so he could save his wife, daughter and unborn child. Wow. Heroic. Pardon for the sacrifice but come on! This is the lamest move the writers ever pulled. DON’T GET ME WRONG! The goodbye scene between Charming and Snow was brilliant amd their best scene to date. But the desicion overall and the following twist unfittng. Snow broke her heart in two and made Charming survive anyhow. Buhu. I mean come on. I’m really on the true love train but if they continue this way they will crash into the nearest mountain.

Zelena wouldn’t be Zelena if she didn’t mess with the curse. She incorporated the memory loss into the curse but also created a potion to keep her own. Hers and Rumple’s. But just a second before Rumple consumed it, Neal stepped out of his Father and sent the potion via pidgeon to Hook.

I’m really not happy with the way the writers are playing of some events and plot points but okay nobody is perfect and every show has a dark side.

Next week we take a trip to Oz and meet Dorothy Gale and the rest of Ozzyland. And a new ruller for the Enchanted Forest will be born


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