May Season Finals: What happened and what (I think) is coming

May is approaching!!!! And as usual season final time is comming for my favorite shows. I watch some shows during summer aswell but my non plus ultra shows are airing during fall/winter/spring. So with this break before the final bunch of episodes I will throw in some predictions for the season finales and new seasons.


Okay you people must think I’m bored to death to write this stuff but I have some spare time this week and I want to share my thoughts.

-Green Lantern appearing. To check what happened to the city after Slade went all Gaga on it.
-Thea leaving with Merlyn or getting kidnapped by him.
-Slade paralyzing Sara.
-Moira dying.
– Laurel cutting herself of Team Arrow and search for a way to become a Hero on her ow.

Once Upon a Time
-Zelena killing Glinda to make her(the erase memory) curse happen.
-Regina and Robin wedding.
-Dorothy to be introduced and be not so kind hearted as in the tales.
-The 2nd Charmed baby to be Ozma and the reveal that Charming’s dad was part of Oz royalty.

-Henry dying by the hands of a main character(Kenna and Francis my top contendors).
-Lola losing her baby and go a bit dark and Gaga (Anna Popewell is the only one who can pull it of there).
-Francis finding out about Lola’s baby but when it’s to late.
-Olivia and Nostradamus die together.
-The pagans attack Mary or the castle.
-And the arrival of Elisabeth I at the french court.

-Charlotte findng out about Emily being her sis.
-Emily and Jake runaway from the Graysons.
-Aiden dying.
-Mr. Grayson dying.

The Vampire Diaries
-Tyler finally dying.
-A big Caroline-Elena blow out.
-Damon turning human.
-Luk and Liv dying.
-Steroline kiss.
-Matt or Jeremy doing something really stupid.
-Bonnie getting up in the undead hiarchy, Angel status or something. They didn’t send Kat to hell just for a joke. Season 6 Hell vs Heaven.

The Original
-No clue where the show is going with only 2 Originals in town and not being able to kill them.
-Marcel and Geneviuve working together and she getting killed for it. Marcel leaving town for time being at the end of the season.
-Hayley giving birth to her child.
-Elijah killing on of Hayley’s family members, creating a rift between Haylijah.
-Klaus getting tortured and imprisoned.
-Davina getting some more power.
-Josh getting promoted series regular.
-Introducing Klaus father.

That’s the wrap. I will try to review as much as I can but I’m forced to be a workacholic. 😉


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