The100 Review: A brave Boy


“His sisters keeper” was the 6th and most intense instalmen of The100. Things heated up with Octavia disappearing and the rescue crew going on a suicide mission.

Flashbacks to the Arc: We see how Octavia was born in secrecy and how Bellamy named her. Every scene on the Arc was so intense so emotional and the bond that formed between the siblings was portrayed so well. With the slutty Mom willing to do plenty for her kids and Bellamy the ashamed kid who had to deal with a lot. Bellamy became a security guard and arranged for Octavia to finally leave her prison aka her room. Bellamy was such a great brother, overall a great human being. But that all changed when they took away his sister. One year has passed and Bellamy was a genitor now and recruited to kill Jaha.

On Earth2100:Bellamy notices that Octavia is missing and gathers a rescue squad. Jasper, Bellamy and Finn were leading the rescue crew. They soon entered the grounders zone and quickly 3 of the unknown 100 were dead. The group eventually found Octavia and Finn got hurt in the process.

Back at the camp a huge fight emmerged between the 2 siblings and what a fight. They released all that bottle upped hate and the rift between them just grew bigger.

Awkwardness level raised between Clarke, Raven and Finn as Raven got more possesive and Clarke tried to overthink her feelings. But that wasn’t that easy with the body rain happening. The rest of The 100 vitnesses how the 300 bodies from last week were hrown onto Earth. The 100 think the Arc hasn’t seen their firework so Clarke and Raven g to the supply closet to find parts hat could help them in fixing the radio. It got more and more odd as they spent more time together, Raven eventually figured things out and confronted Clarke, who let go of Finn and tossed him back to Raven.

Once more a really strong The100 episode and it seems to get better as we go.


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