The Vampire Diaries Review: The one that got Away


As I sad some reviews ago The Vampire Diaries knows how to do a season final! With no doubt VD raised it’s game with it’s latest outing.

“Man on Fire” was mostly Enzo centric and I quite enjoyed it. So Enzo arrived at the caffe where Stefan, Bonnie and Elena were hanging out and started to mess with our lovely Mystic Falls crew. Sloan, the Traveler from a couple of episodes ago, gave Enzo a pic of a deheaded Maggie. With her losing her head and that being Stefan’s signature move Enzo went into Revenge mode. He blackmailed Liv to play along while holding Luke in captivity, the rest of the coffee shop compeled.

Along the way we saw some interesting flashbacks featuring Maggie who was pissed at Damon for leaving Enzo to die. It was revealed that Maggie wanted to become a Vampire but Enzo didn’t wanted that for her. He broke he vervain wristband and compeled her to forget about Enzo. Maggie in 1960 faced Stefan but got killed by Damon.

Damon eventually appeared at the coffee shop and faced of with Enzo. He confessed Enzo the truth. That lead to a great Enzo moment with him switching of his humanity. Michael Malarkey put on a stellar performance and proved he is the best addition of season 5 of Vampire Diaries.

Enzo kidnapped Elena and had to face Stefan in the proces. That pushed us towards his inevatable death/suicide or what ever. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean Michael is outta of our Thursday nights, he will ghost around our world at least till the end of the season. Probably connected to the fact that the other side is falling apart.

Meanwhile Matt and Jeremy realized that Tyler got possesed by a Traveler and took the traveler knife along. The possesed Tyler was kept by the Travelers and used to turn Sloan into a Vampire. And here comes the twist, with the blood of the last 2 doppelgangers the Travelers can undo/remove magic and now Sloan is just dead.

How will things end now with Stefan and Elena in danger? And how will Damon react after finding out the truth about Enzo? Still no clue where the season will end and what cliffhanger will we die over the summer? Let the Traveler hunt start?


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