The Originals Review: Too Close to Home


I just love this show. The Originals isn’t backing down even though they already got renewed for a 2nd season we are heading for a strong season 1 finish. “An Unblnking Death” was just too Close to Home!

The episode started with a bang as a guy with a Harley busted into the bayou and blow up a wolfspain bomb killing/hurting plenty of Vamps. Of course Elijah was present and took care of the hurt wolfs while Hayley was going after Marcel, who she assumed did all of this. While she was gone plenty other bombs went off hurting a lot of other people. At the bayou Oliver was going of at everyone trying to start a War/fight with the Vamps cause they were the one he accused for the bombing. Eventually in a heart to heart with a hurt Evee, Oliver confessed about setting up the bombing. This is the first time since his Rebekah scenes that I cared for Oliver and I loved him. He was so tormented, he felt betrayed he was full of rage and desperation and that gave so much dimension to his character. Really great.

Hayley was quite kickass while trying to find out if Marcel was the one who set up the bombs. Yes it was a random move but it pushed the storyline in a new direction. Hayley found out that Marcel saved her after the pack turned on her parents and killed them. Marcel gave her to Kieran so someone could adopt her and save her from he families fate.

Meanwhile in another part of the City, Cami was trying to save uncle Kieran. Cami was desperate! Kieran was her last alive family member and she was spinning out of control in her desire to save him. She even used electroshock therapy. This gave us some histeric moments with Rookie Vamp Josh and a doctor. This of course backfired causing Kieran to fie faster. In an even more desperate attempt to save Kieran Cami bagged Klaus to turn him so she wouldn’t lose him. And I must say after Halayjah scenes Calaus scenes are my favorite Original’s moments. They just work, the things she draws out of Klaus just give so much more to his character.

After a beautiful goodbye between Cami and Kieran, things took a deadly turn cause even though Kieran was a Vampire he wasn’t cured and attacked Cami. Klaus eventually killed Kieran to save Cami and Kieran. Klaus summoned up Marcel and lifted his exile for 24 hours so he could spent time with Cami who needed his comfort.

The big thing behind Kieran’s death was that he revealed their familie secrets to Cami and gave her a box with filled with secrets. Only missing a key, now owned by Marcel who told Josh to steal it.

At the end of the episode Klaus and Elijah found to each other, as Elijah realized that the rift between the fractions is to big and that he and Klaus need to choose a side. A lovely scene between the brothers. Thumbs up, but lets see how long will last the truse between them.

Once more a strong Originals episode and with only 3 eps left til season final I think we are in for a heated final.


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