Reign Review: Family Bounds


Season 1 Episode 19 and Reign is going stronger.  “Toy Soldiers” was an episode all about Family, and we got to know Mary’s Uncle, Greer’s father and saw Kenna trying to work on her marriage.

The show was early on announced as the rise of Mary, Queen of Scots and we are finally getting there. Mary’s mother is cornered by Protestants and with no allies at the court she called on her Uncle Duke Christian de Guise. And what a men!? He really put fear into my skin. Such a dark man, Gil Darnell played such an intense role. But once again the way they introduce these characters is just perfect.

Henry’s madness meanwhile took over and he sent his army into a suicide mission to conquer England. Because after Elisabeth got named England’s new succeedor. Henry felt cornered and sent his army to die but Catherine was stopping all orders Henry gave out. But Henry saw through Catherine and Francis and started the invasion towards England.

This episode was strenghtening the shaken relationship between Mary and Francis, with him stepping up like never before it was just a given that they would reconnect. Francis made a pact with the Duke of de Guise and named him Lord Majestraight of France but only when he becomes King. Mary’s Uncle agreed and Francis joined his army on a quest to save Marie de Guise.

But once more Francis betrayed his wife and used de Guise’s army to join forces with Henry and attack England. Of course another blowout followed between Frary and my heart cried with Mary as she was saying goodbye to her husband. Torn between her love for Francis and he love and obligations towards Scotland Mary is ready to take drastic meassures.

Besides this Penelope returned saying she is pregnant with the King. Catherine saw through her right away and after a night in the tower chaimber she confessed she lied. Catherine recruited her as a newest member of the Flying Squad.

Before breaking down the stories of Marry’s ladies in waiting I must say the scene where the girls hit each oher with snowballs was briliantly placed. I forgot that the girls are just 16-17 years old.

Kenna and Bash wanted to finally consumate their marriage and we got a lot of corset Kenna and shirtless Bash. Bash wanted a clean slate before they sleep together. To forget all things before they were married and after a lot of heavy petting they finally consumated their marriage in a beautiful way swearing their love to each other. First of I thought Bash had only doubts of Kenna comparing him to his dad but afterwards I realized he just needed her to let realize that he let go of Mary. I know Mash will never completely be over but it’s the right way going forward.

Greer on the other hand had her father and 2 of many sisters visiting. They wanted to meet Lord Castleroy! Remember the oldish wealthy Lord whos proposal Greer accepted after he gave her kithen boy a place in the army. Lord Castleroy proved once more he is not only rich he is a true Gentleman, a man of honor. He gave all of Greer’s sisters 10000 coins making them ritch girls to be wed. This way he “bought” Greer’s love and she kissed him.  Really like their story but things will get complicated with Leith coming back in the next weeks.

Just 3 episodes to go and we close up Reign’s first season. The exec announced a killing finish and with all these game changers I can’t wait to see where the season will conclude.


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