Arrow Review: RevengArrow


And as “Seeing Red” was announced as a pure Roy Harper centric episode it was so much more. It took the life of an almost main character and showed how dangerous Slade Wilson can be.

After Roy waked up, from the Mirakuru coma, he went a bit gaga on the city and smashed up some guys around town. He broke. He was searching for someone to stop him, to stop the emptyness he was feeling. Roy even attacked Sin triggering the killer gene in Sara. After Oli and Sara faced of with Roy and Oliver got pretty hurt and Roy attacked some police officers.

A fight bursted out between Sara and Oliver as Sara only saw killing Roy as a resolution.

Roy on the other hand had some pretty hard halutinations and they are probably side efdect of all the things Slade did to him.

In the final showdown at Verdant Roy knocked out Diggle and almost killed Thea and if Sara didn’t interrupted him he would’ve killed Thea. I love they brought up again that women protecting insticnt Sara has. Oliver stopped now Sara from killing Roy and gave him the medical care he needed to survive. This was a trigger for Sara to break up with Oliver cause he needs someone who isn’t dark and damaged as she is.

Meanwhile The Queen Family had issues on their own. Thea was still pissed with her family and was going full frontal against them. This forced Moira to back down from her mayor campaign cause her daughter was more important to her. Moira and Oliver had a deep heart to heart revealing that Moira knows Olie’s secret. Oliver thought he should explain himself but he didn’t she was just so pround of him.Moira held her speech at Verdant and stayed into the race and Thea used this as an oppurtunity to send Roy a message to come.

After the blow out at Verdant, the Queen family reunited but just before Moira could tell her kids the truth about Malcolm, Slade busted the Limo party and abducted the 3 of them. Slade took them to the woods and put Oliver infront of a choice just like Ivo did 5 years ago. Moira bravely stood up and let Slade kill her. I teared up, I got goosbombs, I almost throw my TV to the wall. I broke. The best Arrow scene to date delivered in a powerful way.

In flashback world we got treated by some great Oli-Moira scenes, as Oli knocked up a good girl and Moira was the supporting mother we all would needed at that time. Moira took care of the mother and payed her off, to disappear to Central city with the baby. This smells so much a crossover for next season. And just to be clear that happened before the island so the kid will be atleast 6-7 years old and Oliver thinks she lost the baby. This will be an interesting story to follow in season 3.

This was one of the most emotional Arrow episodes and I’m just falling more and more in love with this show. Can’t wait for next week and next season and everything that is coming to us.


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