Once Upon a Time Review: All the Crossroads in life


“Bleeding Through” was one of the stronger season 3 episodes. We saw what happened to Cora so she gave away Zelena and how Regina found out about her sister’s past.

In the Enchanted forest: A young Cora, played by the amazing Rose McGowan,  was working in Tavern and was fancying a young Prince Johnatan. Johnatan was apparently so smitten by Cora that he proposed her rightaway. She gladly accepted as she thought he was a prince. Fooled by her “love” she slept with him and prove her love and dedication to him. As it goes in life Johnatan was a liar and made a fool out of young and naive Cora.

Cora left pregnant and alone met Prince Leopold, Snow’s dad, and tried to get into his good grace. Cora’s innocent ways and open adtitude made her and Leopold connect but once more things wouldn’t work out for Cora. Leopold was promissed to Ava, the princess of the Nothern kingdom.

The sad thing was Cora and Leopold really fall in love but Cora’s lie comeback to her. As Johnatan comeback to blackmail Cora, Ava heard that and spread the rumor around the Castle. Leopold confronted Cora but she once more lied to him and destroyed any chance of them being happy.

Cora eventually gave birth to Zelena and confessed to the baby that with her she only can be a Millers daughter and she wanted to be so much more. Rose overall portrayal of young Cora is really strong. I would really wish her to stop by more often.

In Storybrooke Today: Zelena with Rumple’s help stole Regina’s heart from Robin. Regina crushed by the defeat decided to find out for what Zelena needs her heart and for that she needs her mother or at least her spirit.

Regina with the help of the Charmings, Hook and Emma cast a spell to summon her mother but it seemed Cora ignored her. After a heart to heart between Regina and Snow a troubled sound enwoke through the mansion just so Snow and Regina would find a spirt young Cora spin on a wheel.

A fight errupted between spirit Cora and Regina and Cora’s spirit went into Snow and told the story we learned rough he flashbacks. Eventually Regina banned Cora’s spirit and saved Snow. Quickly after David, Emma, Hook and Belle arrieved and together they all realized that Zelena just needs the unborn Charming baby to cast her time traveling spell

In anoher perfect scene between Snow and Regina made Regina believe in the power of her emotions. All this pushed Regina towards her emotions and towards Robin, and Queen Outlaw engaged in a beautiful kiss.

Emma was getting better and better with her magic and tried to impress Hook with it. But Hook was bitter about the trap Zelena made him fall in. But Belle inerrupted their funny encounter.

Zelena who just needed 1 more ingredient to her spell decided to spent the time in a different matter and dinnered with Rumple. Zelena confessed Rumple her plan to travel back through time and that she would give him the chance to reunite with Neal/Baelfire. Rumple played along but was only in for it to steal the dagger from Zelena.  She saw it coming and sent her puppet back into the seller.

In this great episode I just saw I mistake! How did Zelena knew that Robin has Regina’s heart? I know she has a lot of spies in Storybrooke but there must be something more behind it. 

A strong episode finished and we are just 3 weeks away from the huge season3 final. Next week is Charming centered as in the Enchanted Forrest they seek consult from Glinda on how to stop Zelena and Zelena trying to kill everyone they care about.



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