The Vampire Diaries Review: Alternate Reality


I don’t know if it’s the Stelena fan in me, or the show really raised it’s stakes but “Resident Evil” really took season 5 to a new level and it’s not the fact that Paul Wesley directed this episode that makes it the best one since Katarina Petrova got pulled into hell.

On one side we had the great Stelena storyline and on the other side The League of Unimportant characters had some interesting screen time.

The episode starts with a fresh Stelena scene were Stefan and Elena meet for the very first time. It was awesome, and this is why I love this show so much the Stelena chemistry. It was just forfilling, I’m not cheering for them to get back together but seeing them being so in love just hit my radar.

Along the way we get some funny/awkward scenes between Elena and Damon, with ultimately her having an orgasm infront of him.

This resulted in Damon facing Markos the mystwrious leader of the Travelers. He wasn’t that powerful but different levels of creepy.

He revealed to us that Elena and Stefan weren’t destined for each other but that Markos created a spell so he and the doppelgangers could find each other cause of their precious blood. Markos revealed a bunch of Travelers in mystic falls and lifted the spell between the doppelgangers.

That lead us to a really lovely Stelena moment but for me it was a conclusion to their love story, cause even though they love each other deeply they coildn’t go back to Lovers after all that happened.

In a final Delena moment Damon cut himself of Elena cause he couldn’t be in her life anymore, especially not as a her Lover.

Meanwhile Jeremy, Tyler and Matt were teaming up with Liv. Her and Luke’s coven was hunting the Travelers down cause of their wishes and power desires. Liv was suspicious of the Travelers and their wish to settle down. So he infested the whole town of Mystic Falls.

And after Sheriff Forbes (missed her) didn’t attend a dinner with Caroline and Elena, Matt got suspicious and confronted the Sheriff. This once more got him killed and after he warned Bonnie he passed through the other side to find his body.

On the other side we met 2 more familiar faces Kol (aka the beautiful Nathaniel Buzolic) and Vicki (the even more gorgeous Kayla Ewell). Matt usually doesn’t see anyone on the other side but now after Markos left he can see everyone so he started to look after Vicki. But Kol got in his way, at one point I hought hey will make Kol take over Matts body but no. Matt instead found Vicki, who got taken away into oblivion in Katarina Petrova style. The other side is eating up people and Kol pretty much begged Matt to help him cause he wanted to rest in peace. Matt came back and remembered all that happened.

And while Matt was having his own adventure on the other side, Tyler saved the heriff but got infested with the Traveler.  At the end of the episode Passanger Tyler delivered he Traveler sucking knife to Markos, who destroyed it as quickly as possible.

Jeremy and Bonnie had issues on his own as Liv asked him to keep all their (Leauge of Unimportant character) buisness to himself. But at the end they delivered a honest heart to heart and promissed to be there for each other.

So where are we headed I have no clue. The only thing I know that the Travelers are going for something big, some big rituals etc etc. And with them in need of Doppelganger blood it won’t be a easy season end for these 2. Next week seems to be Enzo centric and even though I’m an Enzo fan it’s really not the time and place for it.


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