Reign Review: Leave me Alone


“No Exit” was another great Reign episode and it delivered in both departments, story and entertainment.

Issues rose in France and in Scotland, cause of Henry’s madness and Scotland being ruled by Marie de Guise and her French advisors. Both issues escalated at Lola’s wedding as a Cardinal from the Vatican arrived and Mary’s halfbrother, James Stuart I, Earl of Moray arrived at the French court.

The arrival of the Cardinal and Henry’s inabillity to control himself forced Catherine and Kenna to work together. Catherine needed Henry to trust her again so they used Penelope’s insecurity and planted a trap with a Bishop busting Penelope’s and Henry’s last sexcapade. Being crucified by Penelope Henry realized his mistake and turned away from Penelope and confessing to Catherine  that he needs help. Once more Catherine prevailed here and regained her power, while Henry was seeing halutionation of his past sins begging them to leave him alone.  Alan Van Sprang really delivered in these last scenes and the preview for next week is indicating that his madness will go in further depths. 

ICYMI Henry was 2 times tied down this week once like Jesus and the first time like a slave and I must say it was hilarious see a king being bondaged and deeply crazy.

ICYMI2 Nostradamus intended to leave with Olivia after having a vision of her dying at court. Catherine was against it and sent him a clear message a Snake in her suitcase. Olivia departed to shot the pilot for Jane the Virgin and Nostradamus stayed with Catherine. Don’t mess with a Queen, especially on Reign.

Kenna and Bash got some happy moments as well as they really worked for their marriage. Bash gifted Kenna his grandmother’s ring but after Penelope took it away from her space opened for the 2 love birds to connect. Eventually Catherine gifted them with a property, far away from the court, for Kenna’s help in taking down Penelope( once more goodbye to Kathryn Prescott she delivered tremendously!!).

The arrival of Mary’s brother James Stewart, Earl of Moray heated Mary’s and Franci’s fragile relationship.  James alerted Mary that Marie de Guise status in Scotland is in jepardy. Marie is French and the Scots couldn’t deal with her being the ruler for so long. James insisted that Mary returns to Scotland and demostrates her power.  Mary quickly agreed with her brother and decieded to follow him back home. Francis didn’t want to follow right away with all the stuff happening at the court. But he eventually gave in and agreed to follow Mary.

Things quickly changed when he saw James helper pay with English money at the court. He tortured him and found out he was part of the English plan to kill Mary. Francis thought this would make Mary change her mind but no she insisted to go to Scotland. Francis didn’t saw any other way than to lock Mary up and prevent her from leaving. In their biggest blow out to date Mary delivered the quote of the night

 You love a girl! You don’t love a queen, or you would allow me to be one!

And even though it should’ve been Lola’s big night, her story was just in the background. Her decision to marry Julien without making a background check proved to be really wrong as he is obviously keeping something from her. But let’s see where their story will end up!

The only thing I didn’t liked about this episode was the actor who played Mary’s brother. It’s probably a one time gig why not take big name and call some big shot actor to lure some viewers to the show.

Once more a great Reign episode flipped over our small screens, not powerful as last week but great indeed. Tension is raising as the season final is appraoching and with only 4 episodes left I’m sure it will end with a big blow out.



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