The100 Review: disConnecting People

“Twilight’s last Gleaming” was The100’s 5th outing and probably the best one. It had love, heartbreak and finally some real arc actions.

On Earth: Finn and Clarke were enjoying their post sex love but were interrupted by Raven falling down the sky. I mean they didn’t knew it was here but they hoped it was something helpful. They returned to the camp just to realize Bellamy already had a had start and was going to destroy the radio or whatever landed on Earth.

But finally it was revealed why? Why was he fighting Clarke and her gang? He was scared. Scared to get punished for killing Jaha or at least trying to do it. In a heart to heart with Octavia he confessed his sins and drove a vedge between the family love. Cause apparently he did it for her. So he could follow her to the ground. And I must say this is an awesome twist. A great addition to his character and person.

Bellamy destroyed the radio but Clarke and Finn quickly reached Raven. Clarke suffered a tough hit when Raven liplocked with her last nights hook up. But she couldn’t deal with it cause Raven broke the news about the killing on the arc and the radio was gone kudos to Bellamy.

After Raven revealed to Bellamy that Jaha is alive he agreed to help. But the radio was useless so Raven has a back up plan. A space firework!!!!!!

On the Arc: Abi was released from imprisoment after the council accepted Kane’s killing proposal. The council decided to kill section 17 with sleeping gas and Jaha(Isaah Washington) decided to sacrifice himself. Finally Isaah got to shine, it wasn’t Grey’s Anatomy great but great. His lines, the way he speeks, the look he has in his eyes is just working at least for me. The chemistry between Jaha and Abi and Jaha and Kane was just perfect. Abi was taking drastic meassures and let her late husbands video into air and a sort of revolution

People started to volunteer so they could save people they love. This eventually made me think, something like this could happen to our world one day. Would I be selfless enough to give my life for people I love???

People got sacrificed, cause the firework was a half hour to late.

This episode put a completely different tone to the whole show. It was so emotional and captivating that it was an honest piece of art. The music the presentation of their dead bodies, was handled with so much respect and admiration that the show got my whole respect for it.

ICYMI Octavia was hurt and found by a assumed grounder.

ICYMI2 There were some sparks blossoming between Bellamy and Clarke as they watched the fireworks burst into space.

MIA Jasper and Monty were nowhere to be found, and Kelly Hu didn’t appear since the Pilot.

Next week seems to be intense as well and the Octavia rescue mission will be in high gear. I’m looking forward to it.


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