The Originals Review: Blood and War


“The Big Uneasy” was pretty easy on my eyes. The one thing with CW shows is your eyes won’t hurt even for a second. But honestly The Originals is anything but a pretty face show and it seems like that a war is building up between these brothers and it will be funny to see who will chose whos side.

Where to start with such an eventful episode? I say right from the best thing, Elijah Mikaelson. Elijah’s effort to keep peace in the French quarter was so forfilling, and even as it seemed that he was clueless he was controling things just right. And as Klauy and Geneviuve set up a party for the witch Coven a war started to grew but alliances were unstable as ever.

But after Marcel violently busted the party(with a masssuicide) Elijah was showing of his power and killed Thierry. The only person who stuck with Marcel. Marcel is at a really bad place and after this episode he is in a better position but if he culd choose he would choose Thiery at his side. But the mess he made shock the quarter enough so that trust in Elijah’s troose was destroyed.

Everyone was betraying everyone, and the floor under Geneviuve was burning. Monique got a witch-mail alerting her fellow camarades to kill Geneviuve as the Reaping needs to be completed. So she started a plot to steal Esther’s spell book so she could prevail and I think she was searching for a spell to prevent her from dying.

But before the Party she had a heated argument with Klaus who asked her help to banish Kieran’s Hex. But as things got violent the 2 love birds ended their hook up agreement and at he gift festival Geneviuve recieved the hands of the witch she sent after Esther’s book. In return Red head said no to helping Kieran and revealed to Klaus that Cami slept with Marcel. Later on Monique went out to kill Geneviuve but got some extra time as the ancestors now want Baby Mikaelson as an offering.

Meanwhile Elijah and klaus had their most honest confrontation to date, with Elijah cutting his ties to Klaus and making Hayley and her child the only thing that matter to him. Klaus later on went to Cami to force a confession about Marcel and we vitnessed the most emotional Klaus moment to date. Seeing Klaus so hurt was just unexpected, as his feelings for Cami were all gone I hought. I got a Delena vibe from these 2 as he avoided her cause he is bad for him etc etc.

ICYMI: Klaus forgave Josh and can life normally in the quarter along Davina and Klaus gave Davina the daylight ring spell and a ring to follow it. Yay for Josh and still hoping he lives to see the end of S02E01.

I never expected The Originals to go this way and start a war between the Brothers. Every new second of The Originals is valuable and I deeply enjoy every single one.


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