Arrow Review: The Human under the Hood


The stupidiest thing you can think while watching Arrow is that the show can’t surprise us anymore. “The Man under the Hood” revealed a lot of nformation but it revealed so many emotions and that is what makes the show worth watching.

Early on in the episode it was revealed that Isobel had an affair with Robert Queen and that that lies behind her going after the Queens. So how did Slade knew it? And how they connected?

Slade wasn’t wasting time and attacked the crew in their layer and sent Oli and Sara to the hospital. Fast they realized Slade came to steal the Skeleton key and was searching for the most cutting edge technology in Starling city.

This lead us to the appearence of Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Slade attacked them while doing inventory. They barely survived but slade came for what he searched, a Bio transfuser.

Caitlin and Cisco were quite entertaining. Especially in their scene with Felicity and Cisco name dropping Iris was quite perfect.

Oliver confronted Isobel about her actions and she revealed to him she was Robert’s soulmate. They intended to leave them all just to run away but Ulitimately he couldn’t leave his family. P.S. Isobel revealed to Oli that Robert KNEW Thea was Merlyn’s daughter.

Thea was meanwhile in a bad place, and Willa’s performance is getting better by every scene she is in. And her first face to face with Oliver was so good. Her “I will never be Okay” line was over the top great.

Eventually we found out what was going on with Roy. Slade took him to mass produce the Mirakuru and a confrontation between Team Slade and Team Arrow happened. And Team Arrow prevailed, with a bomb arrow they neutralized Slade and Diggle killed Isobel. He shot her and her hate recovered plus the Mirakuru saved her life tramsforming her into the DC character he Ravager.

Laurel had a story on her own. Slade revealing the Arrow’s identity to her and Quentin getting areested put her on a quest on her own. And I must say it was quite entertaining. She is so much better when she isn’t a cry baby, I like her strong and powerful. And her wanting to safe Quentin and sacrifice Oliver would be a strong move. But Quentin’s speech to Laurel opened her eyes. She couldn’t imagine the pain on Oliver and Sara and all the damage she was feeling. Eventually she looked Oliver up and gave him support, knewing he was a Human being under all these masks and lies he was keeping. Her knowing the truth is so Smallville alike and my heart is skipping beats by just thinkng hey could get together again.

On the Island: Ivo revealed to Oli, Sara and co that there is a cure for the Mirakuru. He knew he wouldn’t survive so he asked a quick death and in favor he would give them the cure. The cure is located at the Freighter and he recieved his wish and Ollie executed him.

ICYMI: Felicity became a bomber, called some great shots and was a perfect Team Arrow member. Besides that She gave Mirakuru to Caitlin and Cisco so they could crete an antidote.

Will S3 be a hunt on Mirakuru overdrive prisoners? Will Slade get the cure? Next week is Roy centric and I think he might get the cure on time before he does something terrible! But I’m sure it Team Slade wom’t be a sleep during it.


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