Once upon A Time Review: A Wicked life Lesson


Last Sundays Once upon a time episode, “The Jolly Roger”, was the best example how decisions we make along the way can teach us hard lessons in the future. “The Jolly Roger” was a Hook centric instalment and once more showed how great Colin o’Donoghue is in portraying this wicked pirat. Let’s break the episode down by time and realm.

In the Enchanted Forest: We vitness Hook, Smee and some other pirates play games with ordinary Knights and steel money from them. We even see Hook wear something else than his usual black leader thingys. And I must say Hook looks quite good all armored in Knight looks. As a tough Captain to his people Smee and the others threat him with a Whore. Hook gently rejects her cause he can’t. Colin was so sweet and hurt in this scene, this man should be a King. Such a giver. He comletely gives himself to who ever wins his heart. Just like he gave himself to Mila, now he is all Emma’s.

On the vedge of his greatness he gets knocked down by Ariel. Ariel is in search for her hubby to be, Eric. He got abducted by Blackbeard who was comanding over the Jolly Roger. Ariel didn’t knew Blackbeard took over and held Hook guilty for Eric’s disappearence. The information that Blackbeard is holding his ship, gave Hook new motivation. The Jolly Roger was his Emma and he had to conquer it. As fast as he could. So Ariel, Hook and Smee went on a mission.

Eventually they fnd the Jolly Roger and in the most epic sword fight in Once to date Hook defeated Blackbeard. Blackbeared (played by Michael ) gave Hook and Ultimatum either he kills him and gets the Ship or he lets Blackbeard go and Ariel and Eric reunite. Hook made the wrong choice he choose to be slefish and be the person who doesn’t deserve Emma, he took over the ship. Ariel swam away promissing to do whatever it takes to fnd her 1 true love.

There were many ways to handle deal with this ultimatum but I must say I understand Hook being selfish. Who ever took care about his happy ending? No one ever put him infront of rheir own desires. But the consequences of this decision hunted Killian down to the present day Storybrooke.

Present day Storybrooke: Our present time story starts with a Charmng family moment where David and Emma try to built a crib for upcoming baby Charming. It was a very sweet moment following the appearence of witch apartment prover, Mayor Regina Mills. Emma and Regina along the way come to the conclusion that maybe their combined magic can be enough to defeat Zelena. So we have a some hard magic lesson between Upper and Rookiw witch. Eventually Emma digs deeps and finds the source to her magic and later proves to be able to call her magic when she wants.

But back to the main story Hook got to play babysitter to Henry during the magic lesson. But the man bounding go interrupted by the Charmings and Ariel. Ariel just like 9 months ago was searching for Eric and as Hook was the only one with memories they asked him to help them. Hook played stupid(cause he felt guilty of his actions) and said he had n clue who Eric was. But the Charmings convinced him to hang out with Ariel and visit Gold’s shop for new clues.

At the shop after reuniting 2 fairytale princesses, Ariel and Belle, they found Eric’s cloak. With a bit of Belle’s magical help the cloak started to look for Eric. The cloak lead Ariel and Hook to the sea, just so Ariel would realize her hubby is dead.

Ariel ran from Hook, but he couldn’t let his guilt go and conffessed his guilt to Ariel. With an emotional speech Ariel “forced” Hook to swear on his 1 true loves name (Emma Swan) that he would do anything to change the mistake he made. And BAM! A green powder flew over Hook’s lips. Ariel reveals herself as Zelena. She intentionally forced Hook to this place so she could curse him. Cause the next time he kisses Emma her magic will “disappear” or better said move. Apparently to Zelena who needs a lot magic for the spell she is preparing.

Hook told Zelena he would be honest to Emma but she threatened him with killing everyone Emma loves. What a curve ball. Hook is in a bad place and with Zelena’s reveal that she has spies everywhere he can’t tell Emma the truth.

ICYMI The Charmngs wanted to raise their coolness level, so that Henry would spent more time with them. In a brilliant moment David decided to let him drive his truck and some mail boxes got pretty hurt.

ICYMI2 Ariel and Eric are sound and save. After leavng Hook Ariel found Eric and hey live on a Island which wasn’t included wih the spell.

MIA Robin Hood! No amazing Regina/Robin scenes. #DyingHere

Next week seems intense with Rumple going to Robin for Regina’s heart and us getting to know who Zelena’s father is in a fairytale that was along he cahrming appearence of Rose McGowan. I love Rose and this should be a really good one.


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