The100 Review : Law and Punishment


With a little delay I catched up to the latest The100 episode, “Murphy’s Law”, and I must say there was little law and a lot of punishment. For me personally The100 is raising it’s game with every episode but the sadly the raitings are going down.

On the after apocaliptic Earth, things after Well’s death brought a bit of discipline into the teeny camp as they thought that the Grounders killed Well’s. Bit peace wouldn’t last for too long, cause Octavia and Jasper quickly found the knife Charlotte used to kill Wells but they had Murphy’s initialls on it. The focus shifted fast towards a struggling Clarke who was tormented by the way she left things with Wells.

Clarke was hurt by Wells death and the revelation of her mother killing her father wasn’t helping. She even clipped her wristband so her mother thinks she is dead. Clarke wanted justice so she confronted Murphy even though Bellamy and the others were against it. Things quickly took a violent turn cause Murphy wasn’t really popular(peeing on fellow teens didn’t help) and the furious teens decided to Float Him. A pandam to the execution of people on the Arc, the newly grounded teens would Float people who made mistakes, by float I mean hang to death.

Clarke tried to stop the mob and their attempt to kill Murphy but she didn’t succeed and as Bellamy said U did this. Clarke quickly forgets that she is dealing with teens and that not everyone is rational like she. Eventual Charlotte told the truth but sealed her faith as Murphy switched the roles and started to hunt her down. Clarke and Finn succeeded in hiding Charlotte while Bellamy distracted Murphy.

Finn brought Clarke and Charlotte to a hideout but Charlotte couldn’t deal with the pain she caused and runaway only to be found by Bellamy. It was sweet to see him carry so much about her I hope it will be revealed that there is more to that than just her being a girl.

Murphy eventually found Bellamy and Charlotte and in a heroic move Char jumped of a cliff to end all this mess. Bellamy and Clarke were devastated. Things couldn’t end this way and after Bellamy knocked Murphy out they decieded he needs to be exiled. He couldn’t anymore be part of their group, and it was the right move. The chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke is just amazing it really captures me as a viewer.

While all this mess was going on Monty tried to make a signal to alert the people on the Arc they are alive. But it backfired and burned all the wristbands.

These events brought out the worst emotions in Finn and Clarke and they hooked up. It was hot but I doubt it will come close to the heat raising between Bellamy and Clarke.

ICYMI Monty was pretty jealous when Octavia gave Jasper a kiss on the cheak.  Let’s see where this love triangle will go.

On the Arc: Paige Trucco delivered an intense performance as Abby hadn’t any time to prove that the kids are alive on Earth. Kane was closly watching her and waiting for a mistake to come so he could easily kill 300 people. Kane’s chatactwer is still a weird thing to me cause he was so convinced in his intentions to just kill those people so he could survive.

And yes Abby did a mistake. She needed a preassure regulator for Raven’s ship and she got one but had to jump through some hoops to get it. After Raven first clashed with Nigel, as it seems a pretty powerful women with plenty “black market” connections, Abby bribed her with some Morphium. But Nigel quickly sold Abby out and Kane arrested her.

The only good thing, Raven succeeded to launch her ship and started her trip t Earth and she arrives next Wednesday. The bad thing she was revealed as Finn’s girlfriend. Yes that Finn who hooked up with Clarke n the cloosing moments.

Next week seems intense as Raven arrives at Earth and Bellamy and Clarke clash about it. I’m already fangirling about it. ^_^

I hope the show now starts to dig a bit deeper into te character profiles and gives something to bite into.


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