Reign Review: Scotland only has Me

“She is Mary, Queen of Scots!!!!” Ohhhhh yeah she is. In Reign’s last night outing,”Liege Lord” , hell was breaking lose. I expected the show to heat up but yesterday it was insane. I must say Reign delivered it’s best episode to date.

Let’s break down the major story and later enjoy some nice relationship developments.

During a party a servent approached Mary looring her away from the party. Charlotte, one of Catherine’s ladies in waiting, was scared for her life cause she disobbeyed Catherine. She begged Mary to help her in exchange for information. Mary with Bash’s help asaured the Lady escape and in exchange Charlotte revealed to Mary a secret clause in her marriage contract. Accoriding to Charlotte if Mary dies before giving an Heir to France, Scotland will become a part of France. Mary and Francis were shocked. Mary enlisted Kenna to find the contract in Henry’s chambers and she did. Mary and Francis repulsed found out about Marie de Guise mone troubles and a deposit posted to her right before the wedding. That explains her sudden appearence and plan to enlope Mary’s marriage with one of the Heir’s.

Either way Mary decided to start a puch against her mother and plant gossip between her Scots about the contract so Marie de Guise would be forced to destroy it and avoid her people turn against her. So what was Mary’s next step throw a party! A party filled with Scotish people inbetween them Lord McKenzie, a fellow warrior of her father. In Adelaide’s most emotional speech to date she turned Lord McKenzie to he side and won over their trust and set them on a mission to save Scotland. But things aren’t that easy in Reign and I love that.

Catherine dethroned by Henry’s madness and Penelope’s crazy power wish got mistaken with a Lady in Waiting by one of Lord McKenzie’s man. Catherine needed to relax and played alon and slept with the silly Scot. After a quircky post coital talk Catherine connects the dots and sends out knights to kill McKenzie and his people.

The morning after a furious confrontation happens between Mary and Catherine and it was epic, like most of their encounters. The intensity between those 2 is just amazing. Catherine cornered Mary and put her will through. But Mary wouldn’t surrender, she confronted Catherine once more and bullied Catherine into burning the clause. If she refused Mary had people prepared to leak Henry’s madness to some powerfull Dukes.

And Catherine gave in, but she had reason to do so. Henry’s madness continued and he wasn’t even able to hide it anymore, not like he ever even tried. He was on the edge, he really didn’t know what was happenng to him. He trash talked Bash more than once, tried to hook up with Kenna etc etc. His lymbic system took over control and his inhibitions disappeared.

This created a lot of tension between Kenna and Bash the newly weds. In probably the most hilarious scene in Reign’s season 1 the 2 of them agreed to leave the past behind and try to live like married people. But they culdn’t escape old patterns and the situation on court wasn’t really favoring their newly made decisions. But along the episode these 2 found common ground and after Kenna(Stacey K. ) delivered her best Reign speech to date she got through Bash and proved not to be so shallow. Kenna and Bash are 2 beautiful people and even so I never thought they would rock the screen this way together. I look forward to next week cause it seems like they will wear a lot less clothes in their next scenes.

Lola and Julien are currently in the best place, relationshipvise. After pushing things a bit, Julien decided to propouse to Lola but with a shocking confession. He doesn’t want kids! Julien was married 2 times and both wices died at child birth, this was hard punch for the already royaly impregnated Lola. But either way Lola confessed the truth to Julien. She couldn’t trap him! But she was surprised he accepted to marry her either way. Somethng is very wrong her! I’m sure there is more to Julien, the titled bulgarian. Maybe even the Darkness, wouldn’t be surprised if the use this Bulgarian model look alike to play The infamous Darkness.

MIA Nostradamus and Olivia.

MIA2 Marie De Guise! I really hoped for a 2nd appearence of Amy but. Hope it happens anyway.

ICYMI Catherine had her own Flying squad. Girls she prostituted for information. I must check this information ASAP.

A brilliant episode of Reign got to even better conclusion. Tension between Mary and Francis are getting only worse and it really blasts away how great it is. And it’ s pretty unbelievable we are just at episode 17 with so many gamechangers already. Next week can’t come soon enough.


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