Once Upon a Time Review: You should’ve choosen Green


Oooooooo! What a game changing Once Upon a Time episode. “It’s not easy being Green” was an episode that completely changed the curse of the show and revealed some true intentions, distant feelings, major plot holes and green backstory.

In Oz and The Enchanted forest: We vitness Zelena arriving in Oz and gettimg adopted by some peasents who were on their way to Emerald city. We quickly flash forward and see an adult Zelena shaving her father(sendback to her shaving Rumple back in “Tower”). After using her magic openly she once more creeps her step father out and he tells her the truth. She rushes to the Wizard of Oz(Great and Terrible in this OUAT version) who tells her the truth about her heritage. It’s odd how the wizard possesed all these powers he confirmed later he wasn’t magical? Was someone helping him send Zelena to the Enchaned forest? And where did he get the slippers?

Anyhow upon arriving into the Enchanted Forest realm Zelena visited her sisters castle only to find Rumple there. Rumple impressed by Zelena’s skills tries to teach her just as he was teaching Regina. Zelena fastly bounded with Rumple and fall in love with him and that was something he couldn’t tolerated. Cause to cast the curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke Zelena needs to sacrifice the thing she loves the most and Rumple wanted to live, at least then he did now I’m not really sure.
Rumple set elena a trap and told her he doesn’t need her services. Zelena started to turn green out of all the envy she was feeling. Zelena is a very psychologically damaged person and with her step dad’s words echoing in her head she going green was just an obvious move.

But Rumple didn’t know that Zelena could’ve taken him to our realm right of with the silver slippers so Zelena didn’t left for Oz completely defeated.

1.Rumple could see the future! How he didn’t know that Zelena could take him to our Realm.
2.Zelena went back to Oz at the time Rumple started to teach Regina magic, why Zelena didn’t aged? And if she stayed in the E. Forest she would’ve meet Cora for sure?

After coming back to Oz Zelena asked the Wizard to take her back in time but it was revealed he is just the powerless Walsh who got turned into a flying monkey, a trained animal whos only purpose is to serve the Wickedly Green Zelena.

Present Time Storybrooke: In an emotional but mute scene we vitness our main characters say goodbye to Neal/Baelfire. Later at granny’s dinner we continue to mourn Neal’s death. It was a nice touch to bring back Tinkerbell as she and Neal were friends in Neverland. Tinkerbell saw Robin’s tatoo and spoke right of to Regina. Our evil Queen like always reacted badly to someone telling her what to do but later on turned her own page and got a moment or two with Robin but later on that.

The mourning was busted when Zelena appeared and told Regina she was her sister and wanted a face off to happen between the two witches. All of our protagonists were shocked by the revelation and tried to to find a way to stop Zelena. Belle, Tinker, Emma and David even tried to reach out to Rumple but only fell into a trap set by Zelena and run away as fast as they could.

Regina meanwhile found a letter adressed to her mother, containig the tale about her first born to be the strongest of all witches. Regina thought she was meant in the letter and used it as motivation in her darkeast moments. Then we got our first out of 2 magical Regina Hood moments as he gave her sort of a pep talk. It wasn’t really a pep talk more sort o conffession letting these 2 connect. I love the way Robin looks at Regina, he sees past that Evil Queen s*it and sees the hurt damaged but sincere and beautiful person.

Later on the big showdown happened with Zelena kicking the shit out of Regina. Surprised it was so easy and anticlimactic but okay, it’s better they didn’t push it to far. But Regina proved to be smarter than Zelena and took her heart out before the witch fight, a must in a witch fight. At least that would Cora thought you if she didn’t abandoned you. A scorned Zelena run away the most unlogical move of the night instead of capturing them all. But okay we have 7 eps more till season final.

The present time storyline finished with Regina reencountering Robin wjom she trusted with her heart. She asked him to keep it for her till this mess with Zelena has passed. Robin wasn’t sure how the great Queen can trust a pitty thief with her heart but Regina calmed him

You can’t steal something that was given to you

Bam bam! Anothe great moment between between these 2 for who I can’t find the right shipper name. But that isn’t even important if they deliver scenes like last Sunday.

ICYMI Hook and Henry spent some quality time together. As Hook tried to easy up the stiff adtitude Henry has towards his father. Once more we see what a great character Hook has and I’m really glad the next episode is a Hook centric. I just hope he hasn’t made a pact with Zelena or something.

Even though there are some major story holes I quite enjoyed last nights episode and can’t wait for next weeks Hookcentric adventure. Sunday can’t come soon enough. BTW Ariel is back aswell.


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